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Madison Project is committed to restoring our Republic through wholesale change of the Washington political scene. We are proud to support these outstanding conservatives – ordinary citizens who have learned from the failure of big government over the past century.

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Blake Masters Arizona

Blake Masters

US Senate, Arizona

Arizona deserves a Senator who understands what’s going wrong in America, and how to fix it.

We need to stop illegal immigration, rebuild the American middle class, and take back the culture from far-left activists.

Joe Kent

Congress, WA-3

In over 20 years of fighting on the battlefields and through my wife’s death, I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of failed policy. The Establishment is too self-absorbed to represent the will of the people they are supposed to represent. I have also seen firsthand that you cannot persuade someone to fight when the odds are against you. Only those with the courage of conviction will continue to fight when the odds are not in their favor. No one has asked me to do this. I’m volunteering now, just like I did 22 years ago. Suppose we rely on traditional candidates that have done nothing but run for office or have no experience in a hard fight and have never been in danger. In that case, our voices and our movement will succumb to the left’s dark vision for this nation. Portland and Olympia demonstrate this with their failed policies that surround this great district.

I want to go forward and fight because I want to fight, and I know how to fight. This is for the future of our nation and the legacy that we will leave for our children. This is what is compelling me to run for office. It would be an honor to earn your vote and serve this great country once more.

Max Miller

Congress, OH-16

Max Miller served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and on the White House staff as a Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump.

Growing up in Ohio, Max saw first-hand the havoc wreaked on middle America’s middle-class by politicians who abandoned them in favor of cheap, exploitative foreign labor.  He watched the government enable big corporations to sell addictive drugs to struggling people who didn’t need them or know their risks.  Max also shares the frustration that Northeast Ohioans have with Congress failing to do the people’s work while it instead spends time playing virtue-signaling political games.

The people want steel-spined leaders that stand up to all who would take advantage of them – whether foreign adversaries, domestic profiteers, or anti-American ideologues.  Max is running for Congress to stand up for the people of Ohio’s 16th District and represent their interests in Washington.  Unbending and straightforward, Max Miller will be their champion.

A Cleveland native, Max earned his Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University.  He serves on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

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