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Ordinary Citizens, Extraordinary Conservative Candidates

Madison Project is committed to restoring our Republic through wholesale change of the Washington political scene. We are proud to support these outstanding conservatives – ordinary citizens who have learned from the failure of big government over the past century.

All donations made through Madison Project’s endorsement website will be forwarded to the candidate’s campaign for direct use.

Adrienne Vallejo Foster

Kansas - 3rd District

“I am not running for Congress to preserve the status quo. I am running to change the way Congress does business. We must reform the way Congress works.  We need term limits for Members of Congress and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.”

Ashley Hinson

Iowa - 1st District

“It’s time for new leaders in Washington, who know how to build consensus and solve problems,” Hinson said. “And that’s why I’m running for Congress.”

Darrell Issa

California - 50th District

“Carl DeMaio and Brian Jones both worked hard in this campaign to present voters with their vision for the future of our country. They deserve credit for a hard-fought campaign, and I appreciate that they’ve both expressed their commitment to uniting to make sure the 50th District continues to be represented by a Republican.”

David Hill

Oklahoma - 5th District

“I support Sen. Lankford’s movement to pass the COVID-19 relief bill. As I’ve been saying on the campaign trail, the Democrats are only interested in scoring political points or advancing their own agendas. Let’s solve America’s ACTUAL problems NOW!”

Eric Esshaki

Michigan - 11th District

“I am running for Congress because we need leaders who will stop playing political games and actually solve problems. Haley Stevens sides with Pelosi. I will side with Michigan”

Jason Lewis

Minnesota - 2nd District

“This is why we need borders & border security. I’m not calling for borders to be permanently shuttered. But I do think we need improve our Customs screening process to keep all threats out, whether it be terrorism or a pandemic. #CORONALOCKDOWN

Jim Jordan

Ohio - 4th District

“Great townhall from President Trump. He and healthcare experts laid out the path forward and how we will defeat #COVID-19 as a country. Democrats should bring that same spirit to negotiating. But instead they can’t seem to see past the left-wing agenda.”

John James

Michigan - Senate

“Today I spoke with farmers across MI about how they are tackling this tough time. Our farmers are family businesses that feed the world & I am so thankful, especially now. Gov’t must clear the way so family businesses can thrive.”

Michelle Fischbach

Minnesota - 7th District

““I’m honored to have President Donald J. Trump’s complete endorsement and grateful for his leadership in uniting 7th District Republicans behind my campaign to defeat Collin Peterson in November!. #MN07 #KAG2020

Nick Freitas

Virginia - 7th District

“I am first and foremost a Christian. My dedication to the belief that we all have inherent value and are entitled to liberty and equality before the law is rooted in this worldview. Principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, respect for God and limited, constitutional government are not merely convenient political concepts, but essentials which are fundamental to our liberty, prosperity and security.”

Paul Junge

Michigan - 8th District

“We need a conservative leader who will take her to task for what’s she done. I just got done working in the Trump administration; I was a Trump appointee in the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. CIS, the U.S. Center for Immigration Services, I’ve worked on Capitol Hill, I was an investigative counsel at the Senate Judiciary Committee, we worked with real whistleblowers, not the fake whistleblowers that Adam Schiff seems to find.”

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