The Madison Project Endorses Congressman Mo Brooks

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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As all the chips are down, one thing is clear to us in the Alabama Senate Primary: the DC Swamp does not want any Member of the House Freedom Caucus to win this race.

That Member is Congressman Mo Brooks.

With a 94% on the Heritage Action scorecard and an 88% on the Liberty Scorecard, Congressman Brooks is an original member of the House Freedom Caucus and for good reason. For years his signature issues have been the 2nd Amendment and economic freedom, seeking to reduce the size and scope of government. He is the antithesis of the Establishment.

Contrasting Brooks is Luther Strange. As former Attorney General of Alabama, he asked that impeachment proceedings into then Governor Bentley be halted. On the heels of this request, Strange was appointed to the vacant Senate seat by Bentley. If that doesn’t reek of political corruption, we don’t know what does.

After his appointment, Strange has embraced the DC Swamp culture for the past six months, prompting Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove to endorse Strange and threaten any who would cross them as they seek to protect one of their own.

We are more than happy to cross them and fight this culture of good old boy politics.

The election of Donald Trump was an election of change. It was a call to drain the swamp, not add more creatures to it.

That’s why we are excited to endorse Mo Brooks for Senate today.