The First Days

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 and is filed under Uncategorized

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Look, let’s be honest. We were highly skeptical of Donald Trump virtually the entire campaign season. Given that this man was effectively a New York liberal for 50 years, we hope folks understand. A cheetah does not change its spots overnight.

However, the first few days of his Presidency have us warming to the idea that Donald Trump may fulfill a lot of his campaign promises. While direct action hasn’t been taken on dismantling Obamacare, it appears that on this issue, immigration and tax reform, Donald Trump is set on delivering on all three. Tack on to these that all the possible Supreme Court justices being discussed are really good and we are tempted to say, “He might be the real deal.” The first 100 days will tell.

But it’s the “smaller” issues, the ones that weren’t really campaign promises that have us excited. From restarting the Keystone and Dakota pipelines to effectively shutting down the EPA until Scott Pruitt is confirmed, Donald Trump is effectively taking a sledgehammer to the leftwing, climate change agenda of the Obama Administration. This agenda has been crushing American industry, from small businesses to corporations. We understand there needs to be a balance (we are, after all, to be good stewards of what we’ve been given), but while the Left has been seeking to grab headlines off Trump’s personality, these three actions have been a punch in the gut to them. Their golden calf of pseudo-science is getting ground up and tossed into the fire and they’re losing their minds. Anytime that happens, we are happy.

So as these first 100 days of the Trump Administration unfold, we are cautiously optimistic. We sense great things might be coming, but we will continue to help push for them as well.