Obama’s Immigration Policy: Give Us Your Violent Huddled Masses

Monday, June 15th, 2015 and is filed under Blog, Immigration

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By: Daniel Horowitz | June 15th, 2015

When Emma Lazarus wrote “The New Colossus” for the Statue of Liberty in 1883, it’s quite unlikely she could have envisioned this current president’s immigration policies.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” she wrote in her poem, which was eventually engraved inside of the Statue of Liberty.  Obama’s version of the poem would probably read something like this: “Give me all of the world’s poor, your security risks, your sex offenders, and violent criminals yearning to commit violent crimes and be allowed to breathe free without any potential retribution.”

Sound harsh or unfair?

This is exactly what is occurring at present, yet almost none of the politicians are voicing any concern over the growing list of immigrant murderers and sex offenders who are released into the public.  What is so tragic about this growing crisis is that it is so avoidable.  It’s tough enough preventing heinous crimes from Americans.  There is no reason we should become a magnet for the world’s criminals, especially those who come here illegally and can easily be deported.

The Obama Administration’s open door policy to criminal aliens

There are over 167,000 criminal aliens who have been ordered deported yet are roaming free throughout all 50 states.  The Obama administration has released roughly 66,600 over the past two fiscal years.   In addition to releasing criminal aliens, agents are now arresting criminal aliens at a slower rate than ever.

Now the Boston Globe has published a riveting expose on information they discovered about hundreds of violent sex offenders who have been released with no desire on the part of the feds to seriously track their behavior or whereabouts.  After winning a lawsuit against ICE for withholding this information, the federal officials finally released the data to the Globe – just for the years 2008-2012.  The Globe discovered that 424 sex offenders were released during that time.  One can only imagine how many more were released after 2012 when the administration vitiated immigration enforcement altogether. ICE is still withholding that information.

While listing the shocking details of some of the specific offenders, the Globe characterized the broad group of individuals they researched as follows:

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