The Madison Project Endorses Senator Mike Lee for Re-Election

Monday, December 15th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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In 2010, Senator Mike Lee stunned political pundits and the GOP Establishment, first by defeating incumbent Senator Bob Bennett at the Republican convention then winning a hotly contested primary against Tim Bridgewater before cruising to victory in November.

Son of Ronald Reagan’s Solicitor General, Rex Lee, Mike ran on a platform of limited government, repealing Obamacare, lowering taxes and fighting for the sanctity of life and marriage. In short, he was the epitome of what we at the Madison Project look for in candidates-a comprehensive conservative who could clearly enunciate the principles on which he was running.

As we all know, however, that the rhetoric candidates use to get elected and the actions they take once in office are often diametrically opposed to each other. The GOP class of 2010 in the United States is a clear example of this. In stark contrast to many of his classmates, Senator Mike Lee has been exactly the kind of Senator he said he would be. He has been a strong voice and vote for conservatives, even when the odds against him appear intimidating and insurmountable.

It is not often that we can look back over a 6-year term of a United States Senator and say without qualification that we are happy to endorse him. When it comes to Mike Lee, not only are we proud to endorse him again, we look forward to working with him for years to come as we fight to get this country back on track.