Americans + GOP = Love (The Poll Says!)

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Americans made a big play last month when they voted for a Republican Majority in both Houses of Congress.

It seems their message went further than just the voting booth, as well. A new Gallup poll comparing pre and post-election results shows that Americans now identify more strongly with the GOP than they did before the election.

With 42% of Americans identifying with them, Republicans have a slight lead over Democrats, who came in with only 41%, a 2 point decrease for them compared to pre-election results.

Past elections with similar results have also resulted in identity shifts. The question is, will the winning Party remain true to the promises that got them here?

It’s easy to spout lofty commitments on the campaign trail but the going gets tough once the lame duck session ends and January begins.

There is so much riding on this Congress. With more Americans than ever putting their faith in the GOP, they must deliver results on the big issues, like Obamacare, immigration and big government spending.

Too many times, we’ve seen well-meaning politicians get elected to office only to  begin towing the Party line because it’s easier to play nice with Congressional leadership. It shouldn’t be easy and newly elected conservatives must stick to the strong principles that got them here.

After 6 years with the most liberal President in history, Americans are more than ready for lasting change in the right direction. The inside politics of Congress tempt new Members to compromise on their principles but that would be the worst thing any of them could do moving forward into 2015.

The Republican reputation is riding on this Congress and 2016 will be determined by exactly that.