Why Are GOP Hopes In 2014 Fading?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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To some extent, the answer is simple.

You can’t win without being for something. Ask yourself: what are the Democrats for?

You could probably rattle off 3-4 issues off the top of your head right now. Government run healthcare, expansion of government programs, more taxes, abortion. Right then and there you have what they are for and because of that, they can easily message this to their voters and to the middle of the American electorate that ebbs and flows depending on the election cycle.

Now, contrast that with the Republicans. What are they for?

You want to say repealing Obamacare, admit it, but they are not. They are for repealing the Medical Device Tax for their friends on K Street. They are for deregulating the gas and oil industries. . . .well, kind of. They support the Keystone Pipeline (now ask yourself why that is important?).

Aaaannd they want to Fire Harry Reid.

Which appears to be Mitch McConnell’s only agenda item this campaign season. Apparently he has missed the forest for the trees and thinks voters in America understand the archaic rules of the United States Senate and why, at least in his mind, getting rid of Harry Reid as Majority Leader is so important.

Frankly, the vast majority of American voters probably have no idea who Harry Reid is. But they do know that each month a chunk of money is removed from their paychecks for entitlement programs that they will never receive the benefits of. They know that corporate America is getting preferential treatment that is not trickling down to them. They know they want the freedom to choose an insurance program that fits their needs, not what the government tells them does (while removing their choices in doctors and care providers). They want the price of their milk to stop going up.

In the midst of this meltdown by the GOP with less than a month to go, you have more and more articles like this one cropping up: Why Democrats May Keep The Senate.

For someone inside the GOP Establishment, it’s a head scratcher. They seem to think that small ball wins major championships. Because of that, as America is pleading for a dramatically new direction than the Obama Administration is providing, they are lost as to why their chances for winning the Senate on November 4th are in serious jeopardy. Add to this conundrum the fact that GOP consultants would rather get rich off the process and monopolize the machinery of the party rather than win and the party is in serious trouble of slipping into irrelevance.

Out gunned and out messaged, one has to ask: is this the “modern” GOP’s last stand?

And if so, what more will it take for a dramatic shift in direction for the party to win once again?