Shutting Down The Ex-Im Bank

Friday, September 5th, 2014 and is filed under Blog

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When the junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, stood for over 21 hours in protest of Obamacare, many were quick to attack him as seeking personal gain. And when the government shutdown occurred, Senator Cruz, not the Democrats were blamed.

It has already been chronicled that Senator Cruz is the one really leading the Republican Party, both in popularity and in forcing the Republican and Democrat Leadership to march to the beat of a more conservative drum.

That’s why the vote to shut down the Export Import (Ex-Im) Bank is so important and why conservatives cannot settle for a temporary extension of funding.

The Ex-Im Bank is nothing more than corporate welfare. It uses taxpayer money to support massive corporations, and even foreign companies, that compete with our own businesses in the United States.

Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell and President Obama’s cronies want the Export Import bank to stay alive, but the conservative caucus in the United States Senate is vocal enough to make the Senate grind to a halt on procedural grounds.

Just like with Obamacare, if we do not let efforts to fund the Ex-Im Bank progress through procedural votes, it cannot be funded. And without funding, it dies.

So why is it so important to shut down the Ex-Im Bank?

1. It shows conservative strength going into the mid-term elections. The Chamber of Commerce is already spending money supporting Democrats in the general election after dumping millions into Republican primaries in Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Georgia. Republican’s shouldn’t trust the Chamber of Commerce, so why vote for a venture strongly supported by the Chamber?

2. While the media might try to spin it, it will not be the Republican’s fault. Right now conservatives in Congress should be illustrating why the Export Import Bank should go, and force Democrats into either a vote that can be used against them in November or a vote to kill the Export Import Bank. The ad almost writes itself: Do you want someone who shares your values making decisions in Washington, DC or K Street’s?

3. It could allow some to gain more street credibility and launch themselves into good 2016 positioning (either for running for Congress, Senate, Vice President, or even President).

If Senator Cruz and his conservative allies win on shutting down the Ex-Im Bank, we believe Cruz would then have the ability to hit Democrats below the waterline with shots to the IRS, the EPA, Foreign Aid Reform, the Federal Department of Education, Obamacare and securing our borders.

Conservatives should be about spending less, allowing free markets to decide which businesses fail or succeed, and letting local and state governments make regulations with common sense.