We Must Stop Counterfeit Conservative Sid Dinsdale in Nebraska

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Ask any GOP primary voter what he/she is looking for in a candidate, and one thing you will not hear is a desire for replicas of GOP leadership.  Indeed nobody in the party has the appetite to elect more Republicans who will support endless debt ceiling increases, amnesty for illegals, funding for Obamacare, and more government intrusion into the free market.

Unfortunately, with Ben Sasse and Shane Osborn slugging it out for the Nebraska Senate seat, a third candidate, who is literally a Republican-in-name-only, has come out of nowhere to pose a serious threat.  This is a solid Republican seat that can easily fall to the opposition if we don’t mobilize on behalf of Ben Sasse, the only candidate who has called out GOP leadership by name.

It has just been reported that Sid Dinsdale has written his campaign a $925,000 check from his personal wealth in order to pull out a last-minute upset.  Just a cursory glance of some of his recent statements and activities reveals a man who will serve as a progressive Republican at best.

Supports Debt Limit Increase

“Later, during a brief interview in Lincoln, Dinsdale said the Senate needs to vote to increase the federal debt ceiling in the next few weeks ‘however distasteful that is.’”

The Columbus Telegram (Nebraska), September 16, 2013

Suggests that Single-Payer Socialized Medicine Could be Tried on a State Level

“I’m not a big believer in a single-pay system across 310 million people, especially the way it’s been handled,” Dinsdale said. “You’d think you’d test something like that. Maybe roll it out in one state and run parallel, at least when I was in business, that’s what we tried to do when we made a big decision. It’s just another example of government trying to do things they really shouldn’t do. It’s 18 percent of our economy. I’m very fearful that education is next.”

The Sidney Sun-Telegraph, October 22, 2013

Opposed the Effort to Defund Obamacare, echoing establishment talking points about a government shutdown

The two other candidates in the field said they also strongly oppose the controversial health care law. But Sid Dinsdale of Omaha and Bart McLeay of Omaha said they would have voted differently.

Dinsdale said he would have had a hard time supporting Cruz’s approach of opposing legislation to keep the government operating unless it also shut down funding for the health care law. Dinsdale questioned whether it was a winning strategy from the start.

“I respect that Cruz and others are trying to bring attention to our terrible financial conditions in our country. But I think, as a U.S. senator, you’re sent there to have the government run and not shut down,” said Dinsdale, an Omaha banker whose family founded Pinnacle Ban

–          Omaha World-Herald, October 22, 2013

Dinsdale echoes liberal Republican talking point that fighting abortions is a losing issue

”But I see a time in our country where you have to set aside something like that and try to work on the things you can get done.” [Nebraska Watchdog, April 28, 2014]

Dinsdale repeats the Democrat straw-man arguments and false choices to push amnesty for illegals

He wants to seal the border with Mexico, as well. On a trip to Arizona three weeks ago, Dinsdale said he saw first-hand the fence that is up along the border near Nogales. He wants that 18-feet-high wall extended along the entire border between the U.S. and Mexico. He also said something needs to be done with the 11 million illegal immigrants already here, but isn’t in favor of sending them back to their home countries or giving them amnesty.

There should be a way to earn citizenship for those who come to America for their education, he said. [The Columbus Telegram, March 20, 2014]

Donated to liberal Democrats running against Republicans

  •         Maxed out to Democrat senatorial candidate Anthony Raimondo, who ran against Senator Mike Johanns in 2008.
  •         In 2004, Dinsdale donated to Nancy Thompson, a Democrat who challenged Republican Representative Lee Terry for Congress.
  •         In 1989, Dinsdale donated to Democrat Peter Hoagland’s campaign for Congress in Nebraska’s Second District.  Hoegland had supported liberal environmental regulations that hurt Nebraska’s agriculture for years.
  •         In 2012, Dinsdale’s bank, Pinnacle Bancorp, Inc., donated $2,500 to then-Senator Ben Nelson, despite the fact that he was the deciding vote to pass Obamacare.

Lobbied former Senator Ben Nelson to be deciding vote on Dodd-Frank takeover of financial services.

Though Nelson initially opposed moving the reform bill forward, he changed his mind at a crucial moment. George Beattie, the president of the Nebraska Bankers Association, said this switch came after talks with local bankers.

“Sen. Nelson told me he knew he was going to change his vote and we were going to be disappointed,” Beattie said. “He had contact from a couple banks in Nebraska indicating he should support the bill.”

Though Beattie declined to name the banks, others named two executives: Jeff Gerhart, president of the $31 million-asset Bank of Newman Grove, and Sid Dinsdale, chairman of the $2.7 billion-asset Pinnacle Bancorp Inc. in Lincoln. [American Banker, December 21, 2010]

Echos the typical liberal false choice between physically deporting every last illegal immigrant and granting amnesty

“I’m not in favor of sending 11 million people back. Are you kidding me?” says Dinsdale. “How are you going to do that? A train, buses? What are you going to do? That is craziness to me.” [Nebraska Watchdog, April 28, 2014]