Pat Roberts Disrespects his Constituents

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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We’ve witnessed a new level of hubris from the career politicians this cycle.  Instead of employing the typical ‘duck and hide’ from their records when challenged, these moss-covered politicians actually embrace their vulnerabilities….and lie about them.

We’ve seen a number of them undermine the effort to defund Obamacare and then run ads saying they worked to defund the law.

We’ve seen people like Mike Simpson, who voted for TARP, run an ad saying he voted to repeal TARP.

We’ve seen many candidates who have actively supported amnesty and open borders policies run ads touting their leadership on border security.

Virginia’s third senator, Pat Roberts, is seeking to outdo all of them.  He is going up on the air with an ad that, among the many other distortions, refers to himself as a “lifelong Kansan.”

This is a man who has never lived in Kansas in any meaningful way since 1962.  He ran for office for the first time in 1980 based upon ownership of a vacant lot in Dodge City.  He later switched to a rental property, and most recently, a laz-y-boy that he rents on the property of his big donor.  He has barely spent any time even visiting the state.   When challenged about his residency, Roberts claimed “he has a long history of intending to be a resident of Dodge City.”

Even if by some convoluted measure he can meet the legal standard for obtaining a place on the ballot, it is incontrovertibly clear that he is not a lifelong Kansan.  Hence, you would think that he would at least avoid the issue in his media buys.  Instead he has the temerity to lie straight to his constituents.

If Pat Roberts ca’tn be trusted to tell the truth about his place of residency – the fundamental prerequisite for running for office – how can he possibly be trusted as a U.S senator?

Additionally, he has the nerve to tout his Heritage Action score as one of the top five conservatives for this past year.  Amazingly, he fails to mention that prior to the primary challenge from Milton Wolf he scored a failing grade or a D from conservative organizations.  In fact, now that he admits that Heritage Action is right and he was wrong all those years, he should run ads thanking Dr. Wolf for his cathartic change.

Indeed it is incensing to watch these sleazy politicians lie to their constituents, as they are not man enough to run on the veracity of their true convictions.  And sadly, they are often successful.  But the thing about running on a pack of lies is that it eventually catches up to them.  They can only pull that trick once.

Let’s not wait another six years until Roberts betrays us to find a real conservative from Kansas.  Let’s rally to the man who has shown the courage to challenge the outrageous behavior of the political class.