Ben Sasse for Senate in Nebraska

Monday, April 28th, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Most Americans intuitively agree with conservative principles and understand that the policies of the left are irresponsible.  But few Republicans truly understand the virtues of limited government and free market to the extent they can explain to ordinary voters why that approach to governing will help them in their everyday lives.  That’s why most Republicans, when challenged by the class warfare and demagoguery of the left on issues that relate to economic well-being, run scared and inarticulately advocate a pale-pastel version of the Democrat proposal.  Ben Sasse is the perfect man to fill this void within the party.

At the young age of 42, Sasse has racked up an impressive list of professional accomplishments.  While a graduate of Harvard and Yale, Sasse has kept his Nebraska conservative values with him and was never influenced by the group-think of those liberal institutions.  He spent several years turning around companies and dealing with crisis management for Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey and Company, giving him unique insight into diverse sectors of the economy.

Sasse took those years of experience in the private sector and has been applying conservative solutions to the public sector with a wealth of proposals on how to make health care work like a marketplace, unencumbered by officious federal interventions.

Ben is also a devout Christian and has devoted a lot of time to outreach and charities during his educational and professional career.  He is a proud husband and father of three children who he has raised with his Christian conservative values.

Perhaps, his most impressive accomplishment was becoming one of the youngest presidents of a university when he took over the helm at Midland University in 2009 at the age of 37.  This is where he actually implemented real free market innovations and saved a failing institution by doubling its enrollment and wiping out fiscal deficits.  Instead of going along with the collusion between big government and big education to push the expensive standard college curriculum, Sasse offered new options for students who met certain requirements to graduate without racking up so much student debt.  He will be a valuable voice in the Senate for higher education reform that ends the circuitous cycle of federal subsidies, failed college curriculums, and skyrocketing student debt.

When Republicans win back all branches of government over the next few years, they will not only be tasked with undoing the inimical policies of the Obama administration.  They must clean up the mess of almost a century-worth of progressive governance.  We need solutions-oriented conservatives who can solve these problems from a limited government perspective within the confines of the Constitution.  Ben Sasse is clearly one of the smartest policy innovators running for office and will lead such an effort.

As we’ve watched Sasse throughout the campaign season, he has been one of the few candidates to move beyond the platitudes – even the conservative platitudes – and actually put pen to paper on addressing solutions to downsize the harmful footprint of the federal government.

However, there have been many smart policy innovators who have come to D.C. only to be taken in by the establishment and wind up perpetuating the very ills they inveighed against during their campaigns.  What makes Ben Sasse different?

Sasse could have counted on his impressive background and accomplishments to gain favor with the establishment in a competitive race in an open seat.  He could have chosen the easier path to power.  But politics is not about power for Sasse.  Instead, he called out the sitting Minority Leader on the campaign trail, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), for his lack of leadership.  When McConnell’s team starting undermining Sasse’s campaign, he confronted him directly in a meeting and held his ground.  McConnell’s allies have been fundraising for Sasse’s opponent ever since that altercation.

We will never change Washington without first changing GOP leadership, and Sasse has already demonstrated he is all in for the task.  Over the past few months, it has become clear that Sasse will provide conservatives with one of the best opportunities to change leadership and to shake up the K Street stranglehold on the party.  In addition, Sasse would become the de facto senator-elect in just two weeks, providing us with our first victory in moving a red seat significantly to the right.

Building enduring conservative majorities starts with electing true leaders like Ben Sasse. The people of Nebraska need to stand up to the establishment that are ruining our country and vote for Ben Sasse on May 13th.