RELEASE: Pat Roberts is Out of Touch With Kansas

Friday, February 7th, 2014 and is filed under Elections

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Fort Worth, TX – The Madison Project PAC released the following statement in response to the revelation in the New York Times [“Senator Races to renew ties, if not make a home, in Kansas, 2/7/14] today that Senator Pat Roberts no longer has a residence in Kansas:

“It’s not surprising that Senator Roberts’s only connection to Kansas after four decades in Washington is a periodical rent check to one of his top donors in the state,” said Daniel Horowitz of the Madison Project.  “After years of voting to grow government and then supporting Kathleen Sebelius to head the HHS, Roberts has become physically and ideologically attached to the culture of Washington D.C.

“Ever since Dr. Milton Wolf began his bold challenge against Roberts last year, Roberts has flip-flopped on almost every major policy issue –from the debt ceiling and funding for Obamacare to the Farm Bill and intervention in Syria.  His metamorphosis on votes is now extending to his evolution on where he resides. For Robert’s, being Senator is about doing what’s best for himself and Washington, not what is best for Kansas.

“This is why we were so proud to endorse Dr. Wolf last December, a man who has pledged term limits and will always put Kansas first. You can’t fight the D.C. culture once you become consumed by it.”

Our endorsement from December can be viewed here.

Our full report on Pat Robert’s record of supporting big government can be viewed at

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