The Year of the Primary is Upon Us

Friday, January 3rd, 2014 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Over the past few years, it has become abundantly clear to the conservative grassroots that the Republican establishment in Washington is broken and no longer represents the party’s values.  We embarked on the 2014 election cycle with a goal to help recruit or support candidates who will serve in the Ted Cruz model – men and women who are willing to stand up to the leaders of both parties to represent constitutional values.  Well, 2014 is upon us and we could not have anticipated more success.

Thus far, we have helped recruit or support candidates who are mounting historic primary challenges to some of the most powerful and longest serving members of Congress, as well as game-changing fighters running in Democrat or open seats.  If elected, these candidates will send a shock throughout the D.C. political swamp.  They will be more than just a vote; they will serve as a voice for the country class and break all ties with the ruling class of both parties.

We could not have done this without the support of all our followers and readers.  But 2014 is going to require an even more robust commitment from the movement.  If we do not defeat enough of these establishment Republicans, President Obama will succeed in two of his goals –  initiatives that will fundamentally transform the fabric of this nation – preserving Obamacare and passing amnesty/immigration deform.

The leadership in the GOP and their ruling class enablers in the consultant and lobbying crowd have made it clear that they will pass amnesty and block any effort to fight Obamacare in the budget or debt ceiling bills.  It behooves us all to remind them that their jobs are tenuous; that they merely serve at the pleasure of those who elect them.

Please help us begin the new year with a bang and lend support to our slate of candidates.  We have four Senate candidates and four House candidates, with a number of promising prospects on the way.  In the coming weeks, we hope to unveil a new website with information on all our candidates and how you can help volunteer working the phones or knocking on doors in the contested states and districts.

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