Chris McDaniel for Senate in Mississippi

Thursday, October 17th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Elections, News

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Try to think of a solid-blue state that has re-elected a conservative Democrat for over 30 years and where that Democrat voted against liberals in their party on social, fiscal, and national security issues?  There are none.  Yet Republicans have a 34-year incumbent from red-state Mississippi who votes time-and-time again for more spending, more taxes, and weaker national defense.  It’s time for this to change.

We will never win the fight against progressive Democrats with big-government, free-spending Republicans.

There is simply no justification from a conservative perspective to re-elect Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS), especially in a state as conservative as Mississippi. Like many old-bull Republicans, Thad Cochran has voted for endless spending, tax increases, abortion funding, energy regulations, and most recently – funding for Obamacare.

He voted for regressive taxation in the form of gas tax increases, bracket creep, and the Internet sales tax.

Cochran has even voted for unbridled eminent domain and amnesty for illegal immigrants – two issues that are wildly unpopular in his state.

And, Senator Thad Cochran has supported treaties that weaken our sovereignty and threaten our national security, such as the new START and Law of Sea Treaty (LOST).

Taken as a whole, Cochran is not a conservative on fiscal, social, or national security issues.  He rarely votes with conservatives and has certainly never given voice to conservatives on important issues.

But it is his status as the undisputed “King of Senate pork” that has given Cochran national fame.  Throughout the past decade, Thad Cochran has created more monuments for himself than anyone other than Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV).  From shrimp research to local special interests, the biggest accomplishment of Cochran’s 34-year tenure is wasting more taxpayer money than almost any other Senator.

It’s time conservatives in Mississippi ask the obvious question: after almost three and a half decades in the U.S. Senate and six years in the U.S. House, what has Sen. Cochran accomplished for freedom-loving Americans?  What has he accomplished period?  Isn’t it time for him to join the rest of the permanent political class from the ‘70s and retire on K Street?

Fortunately, Republicans in Mississippi will actually have an alternative candidate that they can proudly support instead of holding their noses for a Democrat-lite. That alternative is state Senator Chris McDaniel.

State Senator Chris McDaniel has been fighting for conservatives inside and outside of the state House for the past ten years.  And he will take that fight to Washington, D.C. when he stands up against the Democrats and GOP establishment as the next Senator from Mississippi.

Of all the candidates we have interviewed this year looking to mount insurgency primary challenges, Chris has the most unique attributes.  During his four years in the Mississippi state Senate, Chris has become the “Jim DeMint” of the state legislature, earning himself the status of the undisputed conservative leader.

When we met with Chris, he reminded us a lot of Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).  As a brilliant and successful lawyer, Chris has a sagacious grasp of the U.S. Constitution and our founding documents.  Unlike others who seek higher office and pander to conservatives, Constitutional conservatism is his first language.  He is also extremely well-spoken and articulates conservatism from a position of strength, hearkening back to his days as a talk show host in central Mississippi.

Chris has been a Tea Party leader since April 15, 2009.  He brought the message of the Tea Party to the state Senate, and in 2012 he formed the Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition (MSCC), a group of eleven conservative senators committed to challenging the big government policies of both parties.  In the state Senate, he fought against illegal immigration, a gas tax increase, and wasteful spending.  While Sen. Thad Cochran was voting for eminent domain, McDaniel was leading a complex battle on the Mississippi Senate floor to protect land owners after the egregious Kelo decision from the Supreme Court.

In 2010, Chris filed the federal class action suit against Obamacare on behalf of the state of Mississippi. And he recently led the fight to crack down on illegal immigration.  McDaniel is just as strong a fighter for social conservative causes as he is for fiscal issues.  Earlier this year, he used his legal expertise to pass the Mississippi Student Religious Liberties Act, which protects students from being discriminated against for their religious expressions.

While every insurgency race is an uphill battle, this one has the easiest candidate for us to get behind.  This is a no-brainer.  You could not possibly ask more from a candidate going up against a 40 year experienced politician.   Chris is universally regarded as the conservative leader in the state, has a base of support, a fervent grassroots following, a brilliant legal mind, and an uninfringeable desire to storm the castle and countermand the failed approach of the Republicans of yesteryear.

When watching Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stand for millions of Americans during his historic filibuster, it was jarring how few Republicans joined him and Senator Mike Lee in the fight.  Chris McDaniel would have been standing side-by-side with him augmenting the message of liberty, prosperity, and limited government.

The Madison Project is proud to continue its endorsement of conservative candidates with our endorsement of Chris McDaniel. It’s time to send the reinforcements.  It’s time to elect Chris McDaniel to the U.S. Senate.