Bryan Smith for Congress in Idaho’s Second District

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Elections, News

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Last year, The Madison Project started a national conversation about the lack of elected conservatives in Congress – even from some of the most conservative parts of the country.  One of the most obvious examples of Republicans wasting a solid red state is Congressman Mike Simpson’s representation of east Idaho with his progressive values.

We have long dreamed of replacing Rep. Simpson with a constitutional conservative.  Now we have the chance with Idaho Falls attorney Bryan Smith.

Congressman Simpson doesn’t feel as comfortable in Idaho as he does in Washington, D.C..  And that feeling is mutual.  Republicans in south Idaho have been looking to the northern part of the state for conservative leadership from Congressman Raul Labrador, often wondering why they are stuck with a progressive.  Rep. Mike Simpson is the embodiment of what is wrong with Republicans in Washington.  As a Cardinal on the House Appropriations Committee, Simpson worships big government and has always been a reliable vote for any backroom deal that helped expand the size and scope of the leviathan.  Additionally, Congressman Simpson is extremely weak on social issues fighting against conservatives on: abortion, marriage, guns, and illegal immigration.

Idaho Republicans are ready for change; they are ready to send two Republicans to Washington who will force Idaho values on the federal government, not the other way around.  And gauging by the amount of grassroots support that Bryan Smith has already received, it looks like Simpson’s days are numbered.

While Smith has never been elected to any prior office during his distinguished career as a top Idaho attorney, he has already used his natural gifts of passion and persuasion to fight corrupt government at the local level.  Last year, Bryan Smith forced the Idaho Falls city solicitor to resign after exposing his pay-for-play corruption of directing superfluous city lawsuits to his own law firm.  He also single-handedly organized against a planned property tax hike that was slated to go towards an increase in government salaries at a time when city employees were already enjoying higher salaries and more benefits than their private sector counterparts.  And in 2008, Smith was part of the group that defeated the moderate state party Republican chairman.

Conservative Idahoans have long sensed the vulnerability in Simpson, but a strong challenger had not emerged until this year.  When the Club for Growth solicited challengers to come forth as part of their “Primary My Congressman” program, a number of people in the district submitted Bryan’s name.  Sensing that nobody else could mount a serious challenge, Bryan heeded the call.  He jumped in immediately, raised an impressive sum of money from within the state, and organized a solid campaign.

Not only is Bryan a full-spectrum conservative – from fiscal issues to social issues, guns to illegal immigration – he is willing to fight for those values.  He has watched the failure of the Boehner House in restoring our Republic and is committed to shaking up the core of the establishment when he goes to Washington – even if that means “eating lunch by himself.”  He is willing to articulate the message that rugged individualism, free markets, and productivity raises the level of prosperity for all Americans; that Washington central planning has foisted upon us a 50-year failed experiment in fighting poverty. Our only regret is that we cannot clone Bryan and support him in other races across the country.  Bryan Smith brings a degree of ideological fervor and viability to the race that few conservative challengers are able to match.

The simple fact is that we will never win this fight to restore our Republic if we cannot elect constitutional conservatives from the most conservative parts of the country.  Bryan Smith is giving us a golden opportunity to turn over a slam dunk House seat and elect someone who has no fear of the GOP establishment.  This is why we are proud to endorse Bryan Smith in his fight to repaint Idaho red.  This will take an army of grassroots support within Idaho, and if the past few months are any indication, Bryan has come a long way in accomplishing that goal.