Final House Defund Obamacare Letter

Monday, August 26th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, News, Obamacare

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Throughout the August recess, Rep. Mark Meadows (NC-11), who was supported by the Madison Project during last year’s primary and general election, has been working on getting as many Republicans in the House to sign onto a defund Obamacare letter.  A total of 79 members joined Meadows in signing the letter committing to defunding Obamacare through the upcoming budget bill.  Obviously, there are a handful of members that joined the letter late in the game for political expedience, but we will take what we can get.

Here is the text of the letter:

Here is the list of signatories in alphabetical order:

1.      Amash, Justin              MI-03

2.      Bachmann, Michele    MN-06

3.      Barr, Andy                  KY-06

4.      Barton, Joe                  TX-06

5.      Benishek, Dan             MI-01

6.      Bentivolio, Kerry        MI-11

7.      Bilirakis, Gus              FL-12

8.      Bishop, Rob                UT-01

9.      Black, Diane               TN-06

10.  Bridenstine, Jim          OK-01

11.  Broun, Paul                 GA-10

12.  Cassidy, Bill                LA-06

13.  Chabot, Steve             OH-01

14.  Coble, Howard           NC-06

15.  Collins, Doug              GA-09

16.  Conaway, Michael      TX-11

17.  Cook, Paul                  CA-08

18.  Crawford, Rick           AR-01

19.  Daines, Steve              MT

20.  Davis, Rodney            IL-13

21.  DeSantis, Ron             FL-06

22.  Duncan, Jeff               SC-03

23.  Duncan, John              TN-02

24.  Farenthold, Blake       TX-27

25.  Fleischmann, Chuck    TN-03

26.  Fleming, John              LA-04

27.  Flores, Bill                   TX-17

28.  Franks, Trent               AZ-08

29.  Gingrey, Phil               GA-11

30.  Gohmert, Louie           TX-01

31.  Gosar, Paul                  AZ-04

32.  Graves, Sam                MO-06

33.  Graves, Tom                GA-14

34.  Griffin, Tim                 AR-02

35.  Hall, Ralph                  TX-04

36.  Holding, George         NC-13

37.  Hudson, Richard         NC-08

38.  Huelskamp, Tim          KS-01

39.  Huizenga, Bill             MI-02

40.  Hultgren, Randy         IL-14

41.  Jones, Walter               NC-03

42.  Jordan, Jim                  OH-04

43.  King, Steve                 IA-04

44.  Kingston, Jack            GA-01

45.  Labrador, Raul            ID-01

46.  LaMalfa, Doug           CA-01

47.  Lamborn, Doug           CO-05

48.  Lummis, Cynthia        WY

49.  Marchant, Kenny        TX-24

50.  Marino, Tom               PA-10

51.  Massie, Thomas           KY-04

52.  McClintock, Tom        CA-04

53.  Meadows, Mark          NC-11

54.  Messer, Luke               IN-06

55.  Mulvaney, Mick          SC-05

56.  Neugebauer, Randy    TX-19

57.  Palazzo, Steven           MS-04

58.  Pearce, Steve               NM-02

59.  Perry, Scott                 PA-04

60.  Pitts, Joe                    PA-16

61.  Poe, Ted                      TX-02

62.  Pompeo, Mike             KS-04

63.  Posey, Bill                   FL-08

64.  Roe, Phil                     TN-01

65.  Rokita, Todd               IN-04

66.  Rothfus, Keith            PA-12

67.  Salmon, Matt              AZ-05

68.  Scalise, Steve              LA-01

69.  Schock, Aaron            IL-18

70.  Schweikert, David      AZ-06

71.  Sensenbrenner,            WI-05

72.  Smith, Jason                MO-08

73.  Stockman, Steve         TX-36

74.  Stutzman, Marlin        IN-03

75.  Walberg, Tim              MI-07

76.  Walorski, Jackie          IN-02

77.  Weber, Randy             TX-14

78.  Wenstrup, Brad           OH-02

79.  Wilson, Joe                  SC-02

80.  Yoho, Ted                   FL-03