Bill Shuster Needs to Get Out of the Kitchen

Friday, August 30th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues, Obamacare

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Once again, Rep. Bill Shuster (PA-9) has shown that he is not down for the struggle against Obamacare.  At a town hall meeting this week, he said, “”I’m all for defunding ObamaCare. I don’t think it’s going to prevail.”

Well, to the extent it won’t prevail it is because of people like Shuster who communicate to the Democrats that they will always blink first and surrender on the issue.  And no, he is not all for defunding.  He refused to sign the letter committing to defund Obamacare in the budget process.

At some point we must ask what the purpose of electing Republicans is if they will always reauthorize every odious piece of legislation passed under the Democrats.  We all understand that we can’t countermand every big government program that has been in place for years.  But Obamacare has still not been implemented, and it is extremely unpopular.  Now is our only chance to disrupt it.

As a Republican member of the Republican-controlled House, Shuster is part of a group that James Madison vested with the power of the purse.  A government funding bill must originate in the House.  They can and must pass a funding bill that appropriates funding for every other function (even other bad parts of government) sans Obamacare.  The onus will be upon the Democrat-controlled Senate to force a shutdown in order to throw people off their health insurance and chase their doctor out of business.  We just need people with courage who are willing to communicate a strong show of force to Democrats, not preemptive surrender.

If Shuster can’t stand the heat of political battle, even with the people on our side, he should get out of the kitchen and make room for someone who will not condemn us to failure.  That person is Art Halvorson.