We’re All Social Issues Voters

Monday, July 22nd, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Debt, Issues

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In a recent Politico piece on Marco Rubio and his mega-donors that was the literary equivalent of throwing a brick through a front window, Kellie Rose Ferguson, executive director of Republican Majority for Choice, warned,”When we start focusing on the social issues, we give the electorate a really bad taste for the Republican Party. We’re about limiting government in all aspects and we want to make sure it’s applied to social issues.”

That was the last quote in the article and I’m sure it was intimidating to the rabbit-hearted and perpetually backpedaling in the GOP. This is what most elected Republicans, and certainly the fossilized Congressional leadership, do not understand: So long at it’s our money being used and our votes being courted and counted; every issue is a social issue.

Granting amnesty to the world’s population of unskilled laborers and thereby depressing the wages of American citizens is a social issue.

TSA screeners copping a feel on everyone from toddlers to grannies while disordered national security agencies miss the Boston Bombers, the Times Square Bomber, the Fort Hood Slaughterer, and the Panty Bomber is a social issue.

Losing the war in Afghanistan and wasting the lives and limbs of our soldiers is a social issue.

Heaping debt, that is certain not to be repaid, upon the backs of our children and grandchildren is a social issue.

Breaking faith with the millions of Americans relying upon Social Security and Medicare in their retirement years because meaningful reform is off the table is a social issue.

Taking public money and stuffing it into the pockets of green-crazed donors and supportive unions is a social issue.

Using the IRS to stifle political speech and action is a social issue.

The Attorney General lying to Congress and federal judges is a social issue.

Get it, now?

The GOP does not know how to frame the dreaded “social issues” and heeding advice from the executive director of a seemingly leftist front group won’t help. Limited government is just another shibboleth phony conservatives –who spring from the deep pockets of culturally Left mega-donors — have mastered in order to garner votes.

We have to put an end to the parade of knock-off Republicans marching to Washington. The tightening federal grip will only be loosened by legislators that know the limits of government, how to explain those limits, and how to govern within them.  It will require politicians who are steeped in the traditions and wisdom of American self-government. Politicians not cowed into accepting left-wing constructs of what constitutes a social issue.

Author Wendell Talley