We Need a Six-Year Conservative

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Debt, Immigration, News, Obamacare

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Ask yourself this question: should it be our goal to elect Republicans who humor us with words or those who give voice to us with their deeds.  Should we elect Republicans who are plagued by the ‘sixth year phenomena,” voting with us in the election year and stabbing us in the back the other years?

We’ve seen this dynamic play out with Orrin Hatch.  He moved so far to the right last year, he never voted on the other side of Mike Lee.  Mitch McConnell has done the same thing this year.  Ever since he heard about the primary threat 6 months ago, he has veered to the right with his votes.

Just today, McConnell is speaking out against the annual appropriations bills in the Senate.  He is refusing to vote for the bills that reflect the spending levels proposed by Democrats.  Yet, last year, McConnell sided with Obama and Reid against House Republicans in the budget fight.  As the Senate Republican leader, he voted for the appropriations bills that repudiated the priorities and spending levels of the GOP House budget.

This unprincipled sixth year leadership takes its toll on the conference.  None of the weak moderates in the conference respect him because they know he is not a real conservative and has no conviction behind his votes.  That’s why 17 Republicans voted to support a Democrat appropriations bill, despite McConnell’s vote against it.

We’ve seen the same thing play out over and over again:

A number of Republicans broke ranks on amnesty because they knew McConnell really supports it, and is only voting against it because of his reelection.

A number of Republicans broke ranks on rubber stamping Obama’s radical nominees because McConnell allowed them to cut a deal, but then repudiated it when he realized how foolish he looked.

A number of Republicans broke ranks and attacked Ted Cruz and Rand Paul for blocking a motion to go to conference on a budget resolution, lest a debt ceiling increase find its way into the agreement.  McConnell refused to stand up for Cruz and the conservatives for blocking this backdoor debt ceiling increase. Hence, the moderates, like McCain and Graham, had a green light to attack conservatives.

A number of Republicans are undermining Mike Lee’s attempt to block budget bills that fund Obamacare because McConnell is not on board and is lurking around in the grass to block the effort.

How much longer can we go on like this?  How can we fight Obama when we have an unprincipled man leading senate Republicans?