Mitch McConnell Rolls Over Before Obama’s Radical Labor Nominee

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues, News

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Here’s a text book example how Mitch McConnell speaks loudly and carries a white flag when dealing with President Obama and Harry Reid.

Two weeks ago, McConnell sent his minions out to cut a deal allowing all of Obama’s radical nominees to pass through the senate confirmation process, albeit without his finger prints on them.  A compromise usually contains elements from which both sides must agree to give some ground.  But the McConnell compromise gave Obama everything he wanted.  They agreed to confirm Richard Cordray for the new Dodd-Frank agency, Gina McCarthy to head the EPA, and Tom Perez as Secretary of Labor.

So what did Republicans get in return?  Obama had to withdraw his two nominees to the National Labor Relations Board.  But here’s the catch.  Republicans unilaterally agreed to approve any replacements.  As we all know, there is no lack of radically pro-union officials in Washington.  So a few hours later, with the consultation of the AFL-CIO, Obama nominated former AFL-CIO counsel Nancy Schiffer and the current chief council at the NLRP Kent Hirozawa.

Earlier today, McConnell and 10 of his RINOs voted for cloture on the Hirozawa nomination.  He might vote against him in the end, but this vote is the one that counts; it ensures that this pro-union radical gets confirmed.  Once confirmed, these people will promulgate pro-union rules that help fill the coffers of those who help defeat the Republican Party.

To understand the magnitude of this capitulation, in which Republicans won nothing for their compromise, take a look at how quickly they are rubber stamping the nominees.  The two Republican NLRB nominees were nominated 112 days ago and have been pending on the executive calendar for 69 days.  The Democrat candidates were nominated 14 days ago and have been pending on the executive calendar for just 6 days.  They have not been properly vetted yet.  We’re hearing from Senate staffers that the Office of Government Ethics has not completed its background yet and the White House and Senate Democrats will not confirm whether the FBI and IRS have completed their background checks.

If we are going to capitulate, let’s get something for it.  Let’s hold up the nominees until they can be vetted and until Obama makes concessions on labor rules.

Does anyone really think that Richard Trumka’s lackeys will be fair judges of labor laws?  Evidently, Mitch McConnell thinks so.  This vote blows away the notion that McConnell didn’t support the deal on nominees.

We don’t have to rubber stamp McConnell’s reelection like he rubber stamps the Obama agenda.  We can elect Matt Bevin – the Kentucky Ted Cruz.