Drop The Gloves

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Immigration

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The men and women of the GOP who are not wholly owned subsidiaries of Big Government should welcome an election campaign centered on illegal immigration. An ideological contest on the merits of importing a poor, non-English speaking, low skilled servant class is one conservatives should win handily. The Democrats taunt of racism would be easily deflected because the facts show amnesty can only be supported by a post-American elite bent on exploiting the world’s poor for their raw pursuit of political power.

Instead of fearing a backlash from Hispanic voters Republicans should  use immigration as a vehicle for reaching out to black voters whose turnout percentage has increased every presidential cycle since 1996. As the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has documented, illegal immigration harms poor and black Americans the most because it decreases the wages of high school educated, low skilled labor i.e. about 60% of the black male labor force. That is a better entree´to a discussion with black voters than learning awkward handshakes, or slang or pretending you care to spend the morning in a black church.

Amnesty is the perfect forum for the GOP to regain its historic tie to the black community as the party of Emancipation. Democrats want to import a new, more fecund, servant class because they’ve ridden the old one as far as it will take them. Republicans should loudly, and repeatedly, point out the Democratic Party’s addiction to creating and maintaining a large class of dependent minorities and contrast it with their plans to free those same people from federal servility.

Author Wendell Talley