Bill Shuster Flip Flops on Another Spending Cut

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Elections, Issues, News

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Wow – what a difference a primary challenge makes.

Yesterday, conservative Rep. Tom McClintock offered an amendment to the FY 2014 appropriations bill funding the Energy Department which would cut $1.5 billion from energy subsidy programs.  If Obama has taught us anything it is that government should never distort the energy sector and pick winners and losers (usually losers) in the market.

Amazingly, Shuster voted the right way.  He didn’t join the 50% of Republicans who helped vote down this commonsense free-market spending cut.

The only problem is that when a similar amendment was proposed by Mr. McClintock to last year’s energy appropriations bill, Shuster voted against it…along with his RINO buddies.  Additionally, Mr. McClintock offered another amendment last year to eliminate the Office of Fossil Energy and save taxpayers $428 million in special interest handouts to green energy social engineering.  Shuster voted no.  In 2011, Shuster voted against cutting $3.25 billion from the Innovative Technology Loan Program, which was responsible for Solyndra and some other Obama venture socialist activities.

As we noted last month, this is not the first time Shuster flip flopped.  Shuster made sure to vote against the farm bill last month and for all the conservative amendments.  He voted to eliminate the Market Access Program, which grants corporate welfare for large producers to market their products overseas (Indian reality TV, wine tasting in Japan, etc.).  This, despite the fact that he voted against an identical spending cut amendment in 2011. [Roll Call #457, 2011]

Folks, primaries work.  You can help Art Halvorson replace this double-talking career politician.  We need a consistent conservative who feels comfortable in his own skin and won’t let the political weather vane dictate his votes.