GOP Proves Elephants Can Roll Over And Play Dead

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Immigration

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The GOP continued its determined retreat from relevance yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, thirty Republican Senators voted with the Democrats to establish one party rule by the Democratic Party by means of a comprehensive amnesty for all illegal residents of the United States. Highlights included Lindsey Graham saying we should forego border security because it is too expensive. $25 billion will “break the bank” said the Senator from the land of trillion dollar deficits. Senator Cornyn (up for reelection my fellow Texans) continued to tout his Jabberwocky amendment about the differences in registered provisional immigrants versus permanent resident immigrants.

In the House, Speaker John Boehner continued his consecutive days clueless streak by announcing to the Wall Street Journal that passing an amnesty bill by the end of the year was at the top of his list. He also pronounced Edward Snowden a traitor because he put our national security at risk and violated the law. Hmmm. Take a moment, John, and think — really hard — about the implications of those two statements. If you feel around in your brain long enough you might grab hold of a couple of strands of logic.

Last night, it was reported in the Corner that the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Gabriel Gomez, stated his support for a $10 an hour minimum wage, the Paycheck Fairness Act, man made global warming, and federally funded “green” projects.

We’re told Mr. Gomez is a Northeastern Republican and he’s the best we can hope for in a Blue State. Better someone who agrees with us on 50% of the issues than a reliably 100% Democratic vote. Who’s the us, Kemosabe? And which 50% are we getting —  the 50% that won’t anger liberal voters in Massachusetts or an innocuous 50% that requires no political courage?

Yesterday is what happens when a national party tries to backdoor and “excuse me” it’s way into power  The bowing and scraping before the liberal establishment is what makes the Republican Party so repulsive. It is not winsome to have no principles. Yet, the Karl Rove wing of the GOP believes the electorate  is longing to vote for timorous men with retractable principles.

The modern GOP doesn’t make arguments. It makes judgment calls. It looks for the least offensive route to winning office. It searches out place holders rather than leaders. It suffocates every conservative initiative under a blanket of poll testing.

The Democrats run hard core statists in every corner of the Union; some are more disguised than others. If you don’t like their ideas today they’ll be back with the same ones tomorrow. Their candidates change but not their direction. That is the formula winning organizations follow. They establish an identity, hone it, and battle test it. When they lose they don’t change their identity they adjust with new tactics and adapt to new scenarios. The years and personalities change but the objective remains.

The Republican Party operates with panic as its baseline. Participation, not winning, is the goal. They don’t care what the final score is so long as they get to play in the game. Please, please, please pick us! is not an inspiring credo. It’s the cringing mantra of sycophants and sunken chested boys who think being the 40th member of Chuck Schumer’s entourage is the same as leadership.

Author Wendell Talley