Food Stamp Nation

Thursday, June 13th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues

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Newt Gingrich rode his “food stamp President” quip a long way in last year’s Republican primaries. It was a smart line and cutting. It was tasty red meat for conservatives starving for someone to attack President Obama.

The problem inherent in Newt’s line is that you can’t have a Food Stamp President without a Food Stamp Congress. And that is exactly the situation that prevails in Washington. Since 2000 the number of people on Food Stamps has risen from 17 million to 47 million. That striking jump could have only occurred with funding from a compliant Congress. We have a President who will, through executive order, enact policies he can’t get through the legislative process while simultaneously we have a Congress that won’t use its Constitutional authority to set, or at least, guide spending policy.

Who has controlled the House — the federal wallet — for 9 of these last 13 years? That’s right, the party of limited government, the GOP. Yesterday, Speaker Boehner announced his support for the House Farm Bill, H.R. 1947, which in true federal government fashion is more about funding the food stamp program (SNAP) than farming. It is the latest trillion dollar bonfire to be set ablaze by the welfare state.

“Doing nothing means we get no changes in the nutrition programs, and as a result, I’m going to vote for a farm bill to make sure that the good work of the Agriculture Committee … gets to a conference,” Mr. Boehner told The Hill.

The dead giveaway in that quote is Mr. Boehner’s perfect comfort with the fact that the federal government runs a nutrition program.  It does not seem to cross the Speaker’s mind that nowhere in the Constitution is he authorized to take money from Citizen A to pay for the “nutrition” of Citizen B. The party that campaigns on ending the culture of dependency never actually gets around to cutting people off the federal dole after it takes office.

And what a nutrition program. It is exactly the kind of aid to the poor one would expect from the feds. It doesn’t decrease poverty or properly feed its recipients.  It is well chronicled that the target population for food stamps (or SNAP) is the most obese segment of society.

We are broke. We have to borrow to pay our bills. In essence, we are relying on 90 pound peasants in China to finance the sedentary lifestyles of our well fed and dependent poor. We elect Republicans to Congress to change that. Our votes, along with our money and the lives of our poorest countrymen, have been wasted.

Food Stamp Legislatures begat a Food Stamp President who begat a Food Stamp Nation. Depending on politicians for your daily bread is servility. It taints our liberty and shames a free people. As Daniel comprehensively demonstrates below, the Farm Bill is bad legislation and a continuation of the GOP’s defeatist attitude.

Fire Boehner. Fire every Republican that runs as a conservative but governs as a statist.

Author Wendell Talley