A Victory for Marriage in Illinois

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Foreign Policy

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When conservatives won 31 consecutive pro-marriage amendments on state ballots throughout last decade we were told that most people want to subvert marriage by including gay relationships in the standard definition.  Now that the forces behind redefining marriage have won 4 victories in 2012, we are told that we must get on board because ubiquitous gay marriage in “inevitable.”

Well, if there is one place where that should be true, it’s in Illinois –  a dark blue state that has radical Democrats controlling all levers of government.  They should have easily walked into a gay marriage law.  Well, that’s not exactly what happened.  (lifesitenews.com)

The Illinois legislature will adjourn this evening without voting on a bill to redefine marriage, according to sources in Springfield.

A number of well-placed sources say the House will end its session today without further action, because the bill could not pass. Illinois Public Radio’s Amanda Vinicky tweeted, “Sources say SB10 won’t get called. Lacks votes.”

The decision not to push forward is a major setback for homosexual lobbyists, who hoped the Land of Lincoln would become the 13th state to support same-sex “marriage.”

The Democrat-dominated State Senate voted in favor of gaysame-sex “marriage” on February 14, by 34-21 on a mostly party-line vote. Governor Pat Quinn, who is Catholic, supports the bill and has promised to sign it if it passed.

However, the measure encountered strong resistance from the African-American Caucus, spurred by a backlash within the black church.

Remember, Democrats hold a 71-47 super-majority in the state house.  That’s an awful lot of Democrats not willing to vote for the bill, much less Republicans.

This is yet another example of gay marriage only being as inevitable as we let it, the same way amnesty or climate legislation is inevitable.  When we fight back and articulate the other side of any argument, the other side collapses.