The Case For Limited Government As Explained By David Axelrod

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, News

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The federal government is too vast an enterprise to manage David Axelrod explained this morning on MSNBC in his defense of President Obama’s scandal ridden administration. Axelrod wants to dismiss as naive the belief that the American people should expect the Executive branch to operate free of corruption, incompetence, and felonious behavior.

By Mr. Axelrod’s reckoning Americans have to take a more mature view of what happened last September 11th in Libya. We will have to understand that when the Commander-In-Chief  gives an order that all necessary measures be taken to protect the lives of American personnel under attack in Benghazi the vastness of the military complex makes that order hard to interpret by the time it reaches the ground in Libya. It came across the wire as “stand down”.  It was no one’s fault. Move along.

According to Mr. Axelrod, we will have to live with the inertia that comes with our too large to control government. Well, those of us still alive will have to live with it. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith are eternally free from having to contend with the garbled chain of command that comes with big government.

We can be sure, according to Mr. Axelrod, that last spring when the Department of Justice was busy using secret subpoenas to pry into the phone records of journalists, President Obama knew nothing about it. The gargantuan size of federal agencies guarantees the President has no way of checking the powers of his Cabinet secretaries.

As to other malignant government action in the news — the IRS harassment of President Obama’s political opponents — President Obama had no knowledge such goonery was being practiced and he is furious about the rogue elements on the loose in the IRS. We know this because President Obama tells us it is so and we can trust him to tell us the truth even though we can’t trust the rest of his administration.

In David Axelrod’s alternative version of Too Big To Fail the federal government has become So Big It Can Only Fail but the malevolent force of unchecked state power is an issue that overrides Mr. Axelrod’s silly and juvenile explanation.

A huge chunk of ground was surrendered by Mr. Axelrod this morning as he tried to defend the notion that an omnicompetent government can be headed by an incognizant executive. Even low information voters can see the danger in that reasoning.

It’s not clear the GOP does.

A party truly energized around the principle of federalism — the notion that the best government is the government closest to the people that hold it accountable — could change the putrid political dynamic of looking to the feds to set every broken bone or educate every listless child in America. If the opposition party in D.C. wasn’t so engaged in erasing our borders and lowering the value of citizenship it might notice it has the biggest opening it has had in three decades to make the case for limited government.

Someone get ahold of Marco Rubio in between takes at the television studio. Instead of cutting dishonest ads for amnesty he should be using his considerable charm to advance the cause of conservatism, his party and the American Republic. David Axelrod just handed him the script.

Author Wendell Talley