Rahm Emanuel Doesn’t Care If You Like Your Doctor

Friday, May 17th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Obamacare

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Rahm Emanuel is a brazen man of the Left. Gifted with the political equivalent of a twelve cylinder, seven speed, 700HP Lamborghini Aventador, in the form of ObamaCare, he has removed the brake and is cruising through school zones at 155mph.

The Left desperately wants a fully nationalized, single-payer health insurance system. Most of them won’t cop to it (in earshot of the public) but a federally administered health system is the Holy Grail of centralized government for Progressives everywhere. ObamaCare is not quite that but Mayor Emanuel isn’t waiting for the not yet, he is fully embracing the already. This week¬†he announced plans to dump 30,000 retired city workers into the ObamaCare pool.

When it was argued that ObamaCare would create incentives for employers to drop health insurance coverage for employees the Obama administration (Mr. Emanuel’s former employer) claimed that would not happen because ObamaCare was so wondrously crafted that premiums would drop in such a dramatic way that employers would have more money to spend on health benefits. That lovely theory was shot dead in Chicago this week. Mayor Emanuel’s letter to retirees announcing their move onto the welfare rolls of the federal government was inspired by the $109 million the city spent on retirees’ health insurance in 2012 and the $20 billion in unfunded liabilities looming in the pension plans of Chicago city workers.

The retirees in Chicago probably believed every word of Obama’s “If you like your doctor you’ll be able to keep your doctor” rhetoric. Too bad for them that Rahm Emanuel didn’t. Doctors accept cash, check or credit for services rendered. Like is what they get from their neighbors. It doesn’t pay for lab work.

What Mayor Emanuel has done, essentially, is unilaterally ration health care in Chicago. He is in charge of the health decisions for Chicago’s city workers. No, he’s not a doctor — he just plays one in the mayor’s office.

Unions prostitute themselves to the Democratic Party and it’s hard not to enjoy the sight of them abandoned and alone with the wild child their folly conceived. The smirking dies when one considers that Chicago is sloughing off its unrealistic and unkept welfare promises to a federal government which is penurious in its own right. The city of Chicago is not the first employer to make that call and it won’t be the last. The $1 trillion boomerang launched by President Obama is gonna come back hard and fast one day soon and there will be no ducking it.

Rahm Emanuel knows Chicago cannot pay for the welfare dreams of retired city workers so he’s passing the buck to taxpayers in New York, Austin, Miami or wherever W-2 employees toil. He’s demonstrating what Democrats mean by their treacly slogan: Government is the only thing we do together. You get to pay for the pretty commitments they make but can’t keep.

Author Wendell Talley