It’s Time for Conservatives to Put Up or Shut Up

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Elections, News

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As conservatives, we are constantly lamenting the dearth of leadership in the Republican Party.  We are flummoxed by the lack of fortitude on the part of elected Republicans to serve as a counterbalance to the indefatigable forces of statism on the left.  But when provided with the opportunity to actually affect change and elect conservatives, how many of us heed the call?

We must remind ourselves that this is our party; that our involvements in congressional primaries will make all the difference between electing another rudderless GOP majority leader and Speaker and new conservative leadership.  We have home-field advantage in the primaries.  How many rinos do you know who go out and vote in every primary?  It’s for this reason that the establishment hacks run all the way to the right during primaries.

Although we are all suffering electoral fatigue from this past election, which never seemed to end, we must realize that some of the congressional primaries will begin in 10-11 months from now.  If we plan to mount a serious challenge to any incumbent, recruitment must commence now.  And at the Madison Project, we are committed to leaving no stone unturned in finding as many viable committed conservatives to challenge flaccid incumbent members in both the House and the Senate.   We have some good prospects, and are prepared to make our first endorsement very soon.

So many of these congressional primaries, especially during off-year elections, are low-turnout events.  With some decent fundraising and ground game, we have the ability to put many of these incumbent seats in play.  Once these career politicians begin to realize that they are not tenured professors, and that they will need to stand before their constituents every two years in a legitimate race, their attitudes will change very quickly.

We ask for your help in this endeavor.  A small donation can go a long way in helping us boost our candidates.  Our guys don’t need millions of dollars, but they do need enough to get their message across.  That is the only way We the People will be able to cut through the brick wall of the DC country club.

Are you up to the task?