House Leadership Passes Another Bad Bill With Democrat Votes

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues, News

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Once again, House GOP leadership passed a bill to grow government by utilizing Democrat votes to win passage.  In another violation of the Hastert Rule, which requires Republican leadership to only pass bills that are supported by the majority of the majority, leadership brought The American Battlefield Protection Program Amendments Act, H.R. 1033, to the floor yesterday.  It reauthorizes and expands a federal program which provides grants to states to buy and preserve battlefield sites.  The House approved the bill 283-122, but a majority of the House GOP Conference, 121 members, voted against it.

This bill ,sponsored by liberal Democrat Rep. Rush Holt, would spend $50 million helping states buy up battlefields.  We all understand that this is not a lot of money for Washington, but the broader point is this: why are we growing government at all when we need to be shrinking it?  Why are we getting involved in helping states buy up more land when the federal government already owns 2/3 of the land in the country?

Here’s an even broader question: why are we squandering our time in control of the House on dumb suspension bills, which fail to help us jam the Senate with good legislation, and to the contrary, actually serve the purpose of growing government?  Week after week the House is voting on these dimwit bills instead of going on offense on major legislative issues.  While the Senate is trying to jam the House with inane gun control proposals and amnesty, the GOP-controlled House should jam them with right-to-carry legislation and border enforcement bills.

The GOP leadership in the House is looking more and more like a band of lazy people who would rather be playing golf than actually using their control of the House to fight for conservatism.

In a sane world, Republicans would actually wield more legislative power than Democrats.  They have full control over the House, while Harry Reid only has tepid control over the Senate.  Republicans have enough votes to block almost anything in the Senate; Democrats can’t block anything in the House.  Senate Republicans should be fighting Democrats legislation, while House Republicans should go on offense and pass popular legislation to jam the Senate.  What we have now is the opposite dynamic: Senate Republicans are cutting backroom deals to shred every tenet of conservatism, while House Republicans are passing dumb suspension bills.

Any wonder why Democrats are winning the message war?