He’s Barack Obama and He Approved This Message

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Immigration, Issues

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The GOP,ostensibly, represents the portion of the American electorate most opposed to amnesty, most opposed to the redefinition of marriage and most opposed to gun control. It is strange then, that Republican leaders are backing an amnesty bill, routinely announcing their support for the redefinition of marriage and backing stricter gun laws for the law abiding.

Consistently opposing your base is folly of a suicidal magnitude, yet Republicans in Congress seem inalterably committed to following such a course. What gives?

Well, by now it should be clear that sometime after midnight on November 6, 2012, Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney was so comprehensive that he also won election to head  the Republican Party. Obama’s causes have become Republican crusades. With Republican help Mr. Obama raised payroll taxes, raised income taxes on the (as defined by Democrats) rich, separated gun ownership from the Constitution, and raised homosexual marriage to the ultimate litmus test of bigotry. It turns out Barack Obama isn’t a Kenyan or a Muslim as conspiratorialists imagine. He’s a Republican.

His assumption to a leadership role within the GOP is the only explanation for how a lame duck president is able to dictate the legislative agenda of the opposition party.

Naturally with Mr. Obama as it head, the Republican Party is headed towards an electoral catastrophe in 2014.

The famed three million Republican voters that stayed home on Election Day 2012 will mushroom into a number twice that size if the GOP is seen as water carriers for the Left. I don’t need a sophisticated polling outfit to make that prediction — I can look to 2006 when conservatives, weary of the Bush spending spree, sat out the midterm election to send a message to the Republican Party.

Questions for Messrs. Rubio, Portman et al.:

If it is inevitable that we need to redefine marriage, replace de facto amnesty with de jure amnesty and further infringe on the Second Amendment, where is your statesmanship?

In what ways are you limiting the damages from these social changes?

If legalizing illegal aliens is such an urgent matter where are your plans to scrap the welfare state or lessen its scope? We are broke. Surely you know we are already in a canyon of entitlement debt for our existing population. Why aren’t you protecting us from your plan to expand the number of new welfare recipients?

If marriage is suddenly a fungible commodity to be made available to anyone who wants it where are your plans to protect religious minorities and other groups who don’t agree? Already the First Amendment rights of speech, free association and religious practice are under fire and gay marriage has only passed in two of the fifty states. What happens when, inevitably as you claim, it is the law of the land? Who among you speaks for them?

If, after Newtown, the American people truly want to license gun owners into a corner where compliance means surrendering their rights and defiance means punishment why aren’t you pushing the Democrats to prove their mandate by getting a Constitutional Amendment ratified? If 38 states agree to strike the 2nd Amendment they have their mandate and it was done by the law of the land. Why help them peck away with back door bills and intentionally vague and pernicious regulations?

Fight for your people and they will fight for you. Give them warmed over Obamism and they will find other things to do on November 5, 2014.

Author Wendell Talley