There Are No Lost Causes

Saturday, March 30th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Family Values, Immigration

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“I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it,” Bobby Knight famously remarked to Connie Chung.

That was 1988. No, Bobby Knight was not a Republican candidate for Congress. He was answering a question about stress and how he dealt with situations in which he was not able to get his way. Twenty-five years later the Bobby Knight Stress Release Tactic has been adopted by the GOP (and some prominent conservatives) as a way to deal with the reality that Democrats aren’t going to let us have our way.

On gay marriage, no less a figure than Rush Limbaugh picked up a white flag this week and joined the forced march to cultural re-education Dick Cheney, Rob Portman and many others are on because it is “inevitable”.

The GOP autopsy (aren’t autopsies for dead organisms, not living ones?) reported that Republicans need to get over their fixation with ideas such as borders or citizenship in order to remain a viable party. Amnesty  A pathway to citizenship is inevitable and won’t hurt our electoral prospects a bit. It will only increase our base. In fact, John McCain was recently touring the Mexican border where he saw a woman so eager to become a Republican voter she scaled an 18-foot fence to get here. Senator McCain, I’m told, immediately handed the woman a Green Card and hired her to clean the second story gutters on his house. Just kidding. It was only a 16-foot fence.

We’re told by well placed counselors in the GOP that we’ll have to give in to legalizing drugs and to certain aspects of nationalized health care because young people like smoking dope and staying on their parents insurance until their parents are grandparents. Young voters will inevitably become Democrats if we don’t relax and get hip.

Conservative causes are not inevitably lost. We control the majority of governorships and the House of Representatives. Gay marriage has lost in 30 state referendums. No poll has shown a majority of the American people are in favor of amnesty.  Those issues, along with the size and scope of federal spending, are up for grabs.

We are facing an implacable foe determined to comprehensively change American politics and the American polity. It is a stressful time and what is being revealed on the Right is a deficiency in will, in courage, in imagination and in wit. No party gets its way in politics without making its case. 2014 is about creating a Republican Party that will fight — not lie back and enjoy what’s coming.

Author Wendell Talley