Reince Priebus Gets Handed a Loaded Question — Shoots His Party

Monday, March 18th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Uncategorized

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You’re Reince Priebus. You lead a major, national, political organization. You’ve just been asked a question that calls your voters misogynistic, accuses your party of being homophobic and charges it with intentionally rejecting the support of women and homosexuals.

You step to the microphone and:

A. go into full Newt mode; reject the premise of the question and attack the mental capacity of the moderator

B. reject the premise of the question and defend the honor of your constituents


C. not only accept the premise of the question but expound upon it by implying Republicans are disrespectful of women and homosexuals, don’t grant them any dignity and are not decent folks in general

I’ll give you a minute to think it over.

Ok. Time’s up.

I think I know your answer but get an earful of what the putative leader of the Republican Party thinks about his base.  

And no, Mr. Priebus, Senator Portman did not make “big inroads” with the gay community. All his reversal did was give the Left a better calibration on how much pressure it takes to crack a conservative. It’s about ideology not sexuality. If you can’t follow the plot that far, perhaps the next time you get a question that asserts your voters are all aspiring Grand Dragons in the Klan, you should pass the microphone to an actual Republican. Or a conservative. Assuming some remain in the RNC.

Author Wendell Talley