The Emancipation Reclamation

Friday, February 22nd, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues

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The GOP was known as the party of emancipation. In its current iteration as a party of feckless, pusillanimous, consultant whipped politicians it is the junior partner in a corrupted federal outfit overseeing the statist steamrolling of Constitutional liberty.

It desperately needs to become the party of emancipation once again.

It cannot be the Christian party or the middle class party or the entrepreneur party although they all should feel wanted and heard. It cannot confuse liberty with license and become the party of open borders and open marriages. It has to find a voice as a political organization that can speak to the enfeebling servility produced by the welfare state. It has to gain a track record as a party that governs even-handedly for all the people in every economic or social circumstance.

Voting Republican has to become more attractive than life on a government subsidized motor scooter. It has to be  more inviting than life on a cheap Obama phone. Republican policies have to be more appealing than the gnawing angst of life as an affirmative action suspect.

This is not a job solely for the RNC. Oddly, the party of local control and states rights spends most of its time looking for and carping about nationwide leadership. County and state Republican organizations will lead the way in remaking the GOP into an emancipation party. They have the ability to go to the places Republicans traditionally don’t go and meet people Republicans traditionally don’t meet. They are better positioned to build genuine grassroots coalitions that will win.

Winning school board races, city council races and county supervisor races will do more for the Republican brand than another Meet the Press appearance for Reince Priebus. Winning races allows you to govern. Governing gives you the platform to prove your ideas are better than the other guys’. Winning also makes for vetted, battled tested candidates — people that don’t try to discern God’s will in rape or talk about not caring about  47% of the country.

In the context of a modern welfare state an emancipation party encourages the formation of associations that lead away from government rather towards it — English learning/citizenship centers funded and run by conservatives, private scholarship funds for deserving poor families funded by and run by conservatives, financial literacy centers funded and run by conservatives, before and after school tutoring programs specifically for public school students in poor areas funded and run by conservatives.  And so on. The potential zones of influence for conservatives are linked with the zones of individual sovereignty invaded by the federal government.

The party that champions dependency and pauperized living courtesy of the state shouldn’t be a hard group to beat but popular sentiment for Democratic policies will remain entrenched until the GOP digs deep into its past and into the communities whose votes can save it.