Guns for Me, But not for Thee

Friday, February 8th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues

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It sure seems like it’s hard to come across ammo these days.  Whenever I call up the store and ask if they got in a new shipment of ammo, they all say “you better come quick, it will be gone in 15 minutes.”  Why is there such a strain on supply?

Undoubtedly, many civilians are running out to stock up on firearms and ammo ahead of any new legislative gun-grabbing measures that might pass on a federal or state level.  But the 800-pound gorilla in the field is actually the federal government.  And we are not just talking about military contracts.  As The Blaze reports, DHS is buying up a ton of ammo these days:

On a semi-private website is a solicitation by the Department of Homeland Security for a total of 26.1 million rounds of ammunition, which it is seeking to purchase from a small business. Although this might seem like a lot, sources tell us it is not out of the ordinary.

Going through the website FedBid, DHS’ Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Arteia, New Mexico, is putting out a call for the training ammunition through competitive bids, which have to be at least $10, according to the post.

Hmmm..federal domestic law enforcement agencies have been stocking up over the past two years.  I’m wondering why they need so much ammo.  Maybe we should start setting quotas on how much they can purchase.

Meanwhile, yet another secretive “gang” of senators is convening in an effort to hash out a universal background check for gun purchases – another attempt to create a national registry, which will give rogue organizations like the ATF power to monitor law-abiding gun owners.  Senators Schumer, Manchin, Kirk, and Coburn are working in secret to negotiate a bipartisan agreement.  This is yet one more example of Joe Manchin betraying his constituents and one more example of Tom Coburn sacrificing his values for the sake of working across the aisle.  Why don’t we ever find Democrats working with Republicans to push conservative ideas?