Evangelical Leaders Don’t Speak for Rank-And-File on Illegal Immigration

Friday, February 22nd, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Immigration

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There’s a new-found lovefest in the media these days.  They just love evangelicals.  After a few prominent Evangelicals spoke out in favor of amnesty for illegals, the media and the Democrats are suddenly in love with this constituency that they often scoff upon.  The only problem is that these stories of how Evangelicals support illegal immigration are misleading.  They don’t support lawlessness.  The handful of leaders who have decided to saddle up with Democrats and push for amnesty don’t speak for the vast majority of Evangelicals in the nation.

The Desert News had a terrific article yesterday showing the bifurcation between the leaders and rank-and-file regarding this issue:

But among the rank and file, the attitude is something closer to “not so fast.”

Allan Wall, an Oklahoma schoolteacher and practicing evangelical who writes about immigration, put it this way: “Despite the stereotype of some kind of monolithic army of evangelical zombies being controlled by their leaders, in reality it’s a rather fractious bunch.”

Data appear to support Wall’s view. A June 2012 Pew Forum survey found that evangelicals prioritize “better border security” over “creating a path to citizenship” by a ratio of nearly 3 to 1. Among the American public in general, the ratio is 1 to 1.

The sense among many, if not most, evangelicals is that the government will grant citizenship to illegal immigrants, but not hold up the enforcement end of the bargain.

Show the enforcement

Most conservative Evangelicals intuitively respect the rule of law.  They understand that if we don’t have borders and an orderly immigration process, we will cease to function as a democracy.  If we cease to function as a democracy, the strong religious character of this nation will deteriorate.  Granting citizenship to millions of low-skilled immigrants from the third world will inevitably result in the ballooning of the welfare state.  This in turn will bestow the Democrats with a permanent governing majority.  Although many of these new voters would personally be pro-life, history has shown that they will always vote Democrat, due to the insidious ethnic and class pandering employed by Democrats.

In what way does a permanent Democrat majority help the pro-life, pro-marriage cause?  That is the obvious question being asked by most Evangelicals across the nation – a question that is lost on some of their leaders.