An Inconvenient Truth

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, News

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Economic reality has done what rain, hail, sleet and snow could not — stop U.S. Postal Service delivery. The USPS is broke. It has made pension promises (with borrowed money) it cannot keep.

What is true of the Post Office is true of the federal government at large. This is, in the liberal formulation, a teachable moment. Professors Boehner and McConnell, along with the somnolent RNC, need to put a spotlight on the Post Office’s inexorable failure.

In August, we all will have our Saturday deliveries cut off so the USPS can maintain its delivery of catalogues to one stoplight towns in west Texas. Ten or fifteen Augusts from now it will be your dad’s Medicare or Social Security that gets cut off so the feds can deliver Obamacare. The same principle applies — debtors make poor employers and worse benefactors. The government that can’t bring you the latest flyer from Target also won’t be able to pay for your appendectomy.

Funny, the Democrats prattle on and on about government being the one thing we do together. No one is on their own.  That sounds like a mighty heartening slogan to rally around (so long as you aren’t surrounded by terrorists in Benghazi) but then again the Post Office had a slogan, too. Until the money ran out.

Author Wendell Talley