The Difficult Circumstance of Not Having a Spine

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues, News

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What we are witnessing in Washington D.C. is what happens when a national party attempts to survive on particulars and not principles. A surrender here, a deadline there, a pithy press release to stand in place of convictions is all the GOP can muster in response to the most ideologically committed presidential administration of the last 100 years.

Edmund Burke: “…and that without principles all reasoning in politics, as in everything else, would only be a confused jumble of particular facts and details, without the means of drawing out any sort of theoretical or practical conclusion.”

The House GOP, operating under “difficult circumstances” (are they trapped in a coal mine?), can only offer strategic retreats on our massive debt instead of bills that restrict or cut spending. Won’t, it can be predicted, engage the issue of women in combat. Nor will it refuse to fund Obamacare. All of which it could easily do because under the law they control the federal purse strings.

Nothing, not even a politician’s mouth, operates without money and yet the House GOP whines about it’s lack of leverage. Okay. Here is some help. Here is your leverage: the Constitution of the United States of America. Pass bills based on principle. Oh, maybe something about women not having to register for the draft. You can call it the Protection of Women From Violence Act. Or maybe a tax reform bill for a flat tax. Or maybe a bill that drops the income tax entirely and replaces it with a national sales tax. Or a bill that says if the Senate doesn’t pass a budget (which it has not done in four years) the House budget automatically becomes law. You can call it the Harry Reid Memorial Act for Protecting Seniors and Children.

Politics is chess not checkers. Players operate from opening move to check mate on principles of action. Players play offense and defense simultaneously. They think further than one move ahead.

The difficult circumstance that handicaps the GOP is that it lacks the courage to have principle and that its brain, spine and mouth seem to be disconnected.

Author Wendell Talley