The Coming of Pregnant Navy SEALs? Yawn

Friday, January 25th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Issues

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We have a serious problem when the paradigm of gender-bender absurdity has become so normal that even the “conservative” party has nothing to say when the administration announces they will open infantry and special forces to women soldiers.  Yesterday, the Defense Secretary made this renouncement without any congressional approval.  In fact, leaders in Congress, even members of the Armed Services Committee, didn’t know about the policy change until they read it in the media.

The amazing thing is that we are in middle of a war, morale is very low, and sexual assaults are already nearing crisis territory.  Yet, the decedent social engineers in the Obama administration seek to implement this drastic change without any study of the consequences or any oversight from Congress.

If you’re looking for just a glimpse into the absurdity of a policy with absolutely no recognition of the difference between sexes in the military, please take a moment to read this informative piece in the Wall Street Journal from a former infantry soldier.

Due to the heat and sweat, layers of our skin would peel off our feet. However, we rarely had time to remove our suits or perform even the most basic hygiene. We quickly developed sores on our bodies.

When we did reach Baghdad, we were in shambles. We had not showered in well over a month and our chemical protective suits were covered in a mixture of filth and dried blood. We were told to strip and place our suits in pits to be burned immediately. My unit stood there in a walled-in compound in Baghdad, naked, sores dotted all over our bodies, feet peeling, watching our suits burn. Later, they lined us up naked and washed us off with pressure washers.

Yes, a woman is as capable as a man of pulling a trigger. But the goal of our nation’s military is to fight and win wars. Before taking the drastic step of allowing women to serve in combat units, has the government considered whether introducing women into the above-described situation would have made my unit more or less combat effective?

Societal norms are a reality, and their maintenance is important to most members of a society. It is humiliating enough to relieve yourself in front of your male comrades; one can only imagine the humiliation of being forced to relieve yourself in front of the opposite sex.

Despite the dangerous policy, cultural absurdity, and end-run around Congress, the GOP leaders on military policy had nothing but support for this plan:

“After a decade of critical military service in hostile environments, women have demonstrated a wide range of capabilities in combat operations and we welcome this review,” McKeon said.

The only questions raised so far Wednesday were about maintaining combat readiness standards — “We just have to make sure we maintain the same physical standards that we do for males, particularly in specialized units such as SEALs,” McCain said — or the procedure for the announcement.

So John McCain is actually talking about women SEALs with a straight face!

And as far as standards are concerned, give me a break.  The military has already had separate standards for women over the years.  The goal of this policy is not just to provide the “opportunity” for women; it is to promote them in this role.  There is no way they can successfully do that on a large scale without either creating a double standard or watering down the overall standards.

Liberals have gone from a war on women to sending women into war.  The irony is that they are demanding we pass their federal Violence Against Women program, even as they champion its most profound manifestation and have fostered such a climate in today’s military.

It was only 6-10 years ago when we were winning all these issues.  We understand that there are consequences to the left seizing control of all our cultural and academic institutions for decades, and there are serious trends moving in that direction.  However, it doesn’t happen that fast.  You can’t go from gay marriage failing in California in 2008 to it being a fait accompli just a few years later.  The reality is that Democrats have chipped away at every cultural issue indefatigably while our side has sat by impotently.  They began integrating women into combat for years, promoting the homosexual agenda at every venue, and using executive fiat to accomplish what they couldn’t do through the electoral process.  That helped create a sense of inevitability.  Our side no longer has the stomach to fight for anything.

At some point we’ll have to wake up to the reality that we are ceding every issue, and doing so at breakneck pace.  If nothing changes, we will find ourselves looked upon as some antiquated kooks for opposing the idea of pregnant Navy SEALs.

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