At Least Hagel is Honest About His Views

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 and is filed under Blog, Foreign Policy

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For those of us who understand the Obama administration and the gutter ideology of liberalism that its members subscribe to, the selection of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense was no surprise. They all believe in the moral equivalence between Israel and the so-called Palestinians.  They all intuitively sympathize with the plight of the radical Islamists, at least to an extent.  They all shrug off the threat that is being posed to the free world by Iran and its affiliated Islamist groups.

And so does Chuck Hagel.

As such, it is quite entertaining to watch certain Democrats, like Chuck Schumer and Ben Cardin, as well as some Democrat organizations, express some reservation about the impending nomination of Hagel to the Pentagon.

Here’s a riddle for you: Which job is more relevant for our relations with Israel and Iran –  Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State?  Obviously, while both positions wield broad influence over an administration’s foreign policy, the Secretary of State is the leader on diplomatic relations with foreign countries.  Hillary Clinton has always been pro-Palestinian, and as SecState, she repeatedly pressured Israel to ease checkpoints and consistently lampooned them for constructing homes in their own capital.  Yet, these same people and organizations on the left had nothing but praise for her during her confirmation, and they still think the world of her.

So why the sudden recalcitrance for Hagel from some Democrat pro-Israel groups?

The difference between people like Hillary and Chuck Hagel is that Hillary would attend their gala banquets and break bread with them several hours before sounding off at Benjamin Netanyahu.  Hagel openly admits he wants nothing to do with the Israel lobby.  I challenge anyone to find any other policy difference between the two.  The bottom line is that Hagel won’t play the political game, and these people don’t like it.

In that sense, the Hagel nomination is refreshing.  It’s time the Democrats blew their faux pro-Israel cover.  When push comes to shove, they refuse to join our efforts in defunding the Palestinians and refuse to stop Obama’s assault on Israel’s security.  Hagel will be honest about it.

It’s time for pro-Israel Democrats to wake up to the reality of the Obama administration 4 years into his tenure.  Chuck Hagel is just a symptom of the broader problem.