The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Economy

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There’s a fundamental religious belief that there must be an afterlife –  an infinite world that will truly reward those who have done good deeds and punish those who have perpetrated evil.  The financial crisis and those who perpetrated it only strengthen that belief in me.

Big government statists in Congress, Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae, and the Fed, in conjunction with corny capitalists brought down the entire economy and lost trillion of dollars in wealth.   The sickening thing is that the very arsonists who set the fire are now acting like the firemen and are pouring more gasoline on the fire; they are continuing the same malevolent policies that led to the crisis in the first place.

This is the untold story of the past decade.  We all know how Obama took over the healthcare industry, but not too many people are focusing on how Obama and Bernanke are killing the financial services industry while blaming others for the problems.  If there is one book you are looking to give as a Christmas gift, I would recommend this book written by John Allison of the Cato Institute.

Arm yourself with the facts about an issue that is so important, yet there is a dearth of public information, interest, and outcry.