We Will Not Spend Money on Capito in WV

Monday, November 26th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Issues

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The establishment is agog with excitement over convincing Rep. Shelley Moore Capito to run against Senator Jay Rockefeller in 2014.  We will not participate.

We all agree that if there is no better conservative to challenge Rockefeller, then any Republican would be an improvement.  However, unless a viable alternative emerges, we will not be wasting resources on the race.  Moore Capito has spent her decade in Washington amassing one of the most liberal voting records in Washington of any House Republican. She supports mandates to require insurance coverage for preexisting conditions. It’s bad enough that she uses her powerful positions on the Transportation Committee and the Financial Services Committee to promulgate fiscally liberal policies; she is also a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership and Republicans for Choice.

To the extent that West Virginians have been pandered to on fiscal issues for years, there is no reason for West Virginia to elect a social liberal.  Moreover, I don’t think that West Virginians appreciate the auto bailouts and the Freddie and Fannie ongoing bailout.  There really is not much of a conservative record in Capito’s past.

Again, it’s unlikely that there is any bench from which to draw on for a conservative challenger, but we will not waste any time on her behalf either.  The more important thing is for us to find a conservative to fill her House seat.  West Virginia is one of the quickest trending red states in the country, yet there are few conservatives involved in state politics.  It’s time to harness the anti-Washington spirit that is endemic of the people in WV, and elect one conservative to the state’s delegation.  If you are aspiring to run for the seat or have any insights into the district, please feel free to pass on your ideas at daniel@madisonproject.com.