How Kevin McCarthy Lost GOP Seats in CA

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections, News

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We are always told by the establishment that conservatives are causing them to lose seats in Congress.  The reality is that the ineptitude of GOP leaders is what’s causing us to lose seats.

There is a little noticed pattern that has emerged from redistricting.  Almost every state that had a “nonpartisan” commission draw the new district lines eliminated Republican seats.  The worst example was in California where Republican activists warned leaders that the commission’s map would cost us 4 seats.  It happens to be that Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy is ostensibly the leader of the CA GOP delegation.  It turns out that once he saw that his seat was safe, he signed off on the commission’s map, which would inevitably sink many of his colleagues.

John Gizzi at Human Events has done terrific work on redistricting all year, particularly in California.  Here is what he has to say about McCarthy’s role in the redistricting disaster.

The clash among Republicans over congressional redistricting took place last summer. Under state law, the Republicans needed to collect and have certified at least 504,000 signatures from voters statewide in 90 days in order to have the state Supreme Court put a hold on the congressional redistricting plan and then appoint a special master to draw an alternative plan. Voters would then have chosen between the master’s plan and the commission plan in a statewide referendum.

On Aug. 18, 2011, sources told us, a letter signed by a majority of the Republican House members from California agreeing to fight the plan was finalized and a copy e-mailed to Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. The next day, at McCarthy’s request, a conference call was held that included only some of the Republican lawmakers from California since it was held during a district work period and many were unable to join the call. The same sources say that McCarthy — who was participating in the call while in Israel — was adamant in his opposition to an attempt to overturn the commission plan, reportedly insisting it would be wasted money and would fail in the end.

Under NRCC rules, it was impossible for Chairman Sessions to join in the battle for funds without the backing of a majority of the California delegation. In addition, it was out of the question for lawmakers to raise outside funds for a petition drive without the full backing of the GOP lawmakers. So the drive to fight the pro-Democrat congressional lines fizzled.

Wow.  So this is the man in charge of helping sustain a GOP majority?