Gallup: Most Americans Want an End to Illegal Immigration

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, News

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On thing is clear about issue-based polling: the results are a complete reflection of the way the question is posed to the respondents and the choices that are offered.  If you ask voters whether illegal “workers” should be given a path to legalization or deported (very negative connotations), as was asked during the exit polls, you will get a more favorable result for the open borders crowd.  But when you ask whether they should receive the laundry list of welfare benefits or whether we should grant amnesty before we have a system in place to completely end illegal immigration, you will find a more favorable result for our side.

Let’s take a look at today’s post-election issue polling from Gallup.  When voters were asked an ambiguous question whether those “living” in the U.S illegally ( not as mellifluous sounding as “workers”) should be given a path to citizenship, only 37% answered in the affirmative.  Many more gave an ambiguous answer because their views obviously depends upon the arrangement.  If Americans would know that they would be entitled to trillions in welfare spending, that number would be a lot lower.   Moreover, when asked whether we should stop illegal immigration, a strong majority of 62% answered in the affirmative.

Moving forward, we must be suspicious of push-polling conducted by the media in an attempt to promote amnesty.