And the GOP Capitulations Begin

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Immigration, Taxes

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Well, it appears that many prominent Republicans are not wasting any time combing through the election results judiciously in an effort to prudently study the meaning of the election.  They have decided that it’s full capitulation time.  Screw the facts.

The Hill is reporting that Orrin Hatch has joined John McCain and Marco Rubio in negotiating with themselves over amnesty.  This is evidently a separate effort from the Lindsey Graham/Chuck Schumer amnesty bill.  Once again, there is no talk of making demands from Democrats to reform our “third-world oriented” legal immigration policy; there is no talk of welfare reform; there is no talk of finding ways to guarantee that we never have this problem again.  They are just talking about conferring voting rights on 12 million illegal Democrat voters.

So why would Democrats ever feel the need to compromise on some of the conservative demands if they are willing to give them the candy up front?  Remember that even if you ultimately believe in some form of amnesty, why tell the Democrats up front that you will agree to it without exacting significant concession on their side?

Parenthetically, it’s cute how Orrin Hatch has shed his conservative persona so quickly after his reelection.  Then again, all of us who’ve followed his career already knew he would do that.

On the tax front, because Republicans have talked incessantly about putting revenues on the table instead of making demands on spending cuts, Obama is holding them to it.  He is demanding $1.6 trillion in new tax hikes.

If I were the Republicans I would agree to the tax hike….in return for a “balanced solution” – one which would require Democrats to agree to shutting down an entire discretionary department, enacting welfare reform, or premium support Medicare reform.  Instead, Republicans are hell-bent on playing defense.

Folks, these clowns are going to hear from all of us over the next few weeks.