TN-4: Scott DesJarlais Must Go

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections, Issues

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This year, with the creation of the Madison Performance Index, we have launched an aggressive strategy to elect conservatives from red districts.  Much to the surprise and chagrin of moderate Republicans, we have called attention to the paucity of conservative representatives from conservative districts.  Many conservatives are beginning to understand that if we don’t start electing conservatives in parts of the country where our message easily resonates, we will never obtain a majority even within the Republican Party.

One such seat that appears to be teetering on the verge of destruction is Tennessee-4.  This is an R+13 district and is getting more conservative by the year.  Yet, it is represented by a philandering hypocrite who doesn’t live the life of a conservative.  Now we are on the verge of losing this seat – a district where Obama will likely lose by a 35 point margin – to a Democrat!

Not only does DesJarlais often vote against conservative values, he lives a life that is antithetical to conservatism.  After years of rumors concerning his messy divorce, there are now credible reports that he asked his mistress to get an abortion so as to ensconce his shame and exposure from the affair.

How bad does such hypocritical and vulgar behavior play in middle Tennessee?  Well, according to the latest poll, conservative members of the district are willing to vote for a Democrat.  The Democrat candidate is now within the margin of error!

Do we really need to lose a safe seat in the south on account of a philandering hypocrite?

Here’s the interesting thing: several weeks ago, the entire Republican establishment burned Todd Akin to the ground for one gaffe, despite his honorable career and personal life.  They all demanded he resign within 24 hours of those comments going public.  Where are they now?

We must work to force this creep to resign.  He is the absolute worst messenger for our cause.