Media Covers Up Another Claire McCaskill Scandal

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections, Issues, News

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The media made sure to inform everyone in this country –even the dead – that Todd Akin made a foolish gaffe concerning the science of rape and pregnancy.  This has allowed Claire McCaskill to obfuscate her failed socialist record of supporting Obamacare, $2.4 trillion in new debt, and crushing job-killing regulations like Cap and Trade.  All she wants to talk about is rape and the insidious ‘war on women’ meme.

So now that this race has devolved into a fight over rape, can we at least have some balanced coverage from the media?  Nobody in the media pointed out that McCaskill voted to provide coverage of Viagra for convicted rapists and child molesters. [Coburn Amendment to Obamacare, (roll call #73, 3/24/10)].  Isn’t that worse than a gaffe?

Now we have a massive scandal brewing with regards to Claire McCaskill’s husband and allegations of sexual harassment at his property management company.  Yet nobody wants to talk about it.  Dana Loesch has been covering it extensively:

A female marketing employee of Sugar Creek, one of the largest and most valuable of Joe Shephard’s properties, filed suit against the company in 2009. Shepherd is the husband of Senator McCaskill who has before come under fire for having been accused of being “slumlord.”

The plaintiff alleges that she was repeatedly subjected to sexual harassment while employed at Sugar Creek and that management routinely participated. Documents show that the plaintiff worked at an apartment complex managed by Sugar Creek and her deposition details how tried to notify upper management at the company of the situation. According to the plaintiff’s complaint, she was asked in front of others to put on underwear other people had worn, she was followed into a restroom and barred exit, forcing her to watch simulated sex acts, and more. The plaintiff says she was targeted because she is a woman. On page 16 of the deposition (page 5 of the pdf) Sugar Creek’s attorney verifies that she is employed at Sugar Creek:

I shudder to think what would happen if these allegations would come out about a company associated with a Republican candidate.  Remember this comes on the heels of the other scandal that the local media has chosen to ignore.  A whistle-blower has come forth alleging that McCaskill’s husband cut deals for stimulus handouts in the Senate dining room.

It should be noted that the potency of media bias is not so destructive in the way they report the news.  It’s more destructive in the way they elect to ignore major news stories that would serve as game-changers for Republican candidates.

You could all help Todd Akin put this one away and publicize what they media refuses to report by donating here.