Key House Seats Tipping to GOP

Friday, October 26th, 2012 and is filed under Elections, News

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In one of the most insightful observations you will read today, National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar makes the following observation about some key House races that will serve as a harbinger of good news for the Romney campaign:

Politico reports Dem strategists pointing to significant shifts in two battleground districts in Colorado and New Hampshire. One is Scott Tipton’s Western Slope seat in Colorado, with a solid share of Hispanic voters. Dem strategists say that, post-Denver debate, the seat is moving away from the Dem challenger. That also suggests Hispanic turnout isn’t hitting the mark there, which wld augur well for Romney.

Also the more Dem-friendly of the New Hampshire seats — NH-02 — has also seen movement to Romney. That covers half of the politically-crucial Granite State, and it’s the more Democratic half. Long seen a favorable Dem pickup.

I’d argue that these 2 developments mean a heckuva lot more than a lot of the junk polls tossed out in these states. Encouraging news for Romney campaign.