Jeff Landry for Congress in LA-3

Friday, October 26th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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The primaries have ended a long time ago, but there is one intra-party battle outstanding – one which conservatives must not ignore.  That would be the member-on-member battle between conservative Jeff Landry and pro-Palestinian leftist Charles Boustany in Louisiana District 3.

Louisiana holds a jungle primary in which all candidates, regardless of party affiliation, are placed on the same ballot on November 6.  The top two vote-getters, which in this case will invariably be Landry and Boustany, will head to a runoff in December if no one secures 50% of the vote.

Jeff Landry was elected to the old 3rd district in 2010, while Charles Boustany has represented the Lafayette-based 7th district since 2005.  Louisiana lost a seat due to reapportionment, leaving these two men to battle over the newly-drawn third district.

While they are both sitting Republicans from the southern part of the state, they are worlds apart in their political views.  Jeff Landry has aligned himself with the conservative insurgents during his first term more often than not.  Although Landry has not amassed a perfect voting record, he has been with us on the fundamental budget fights, including the final debt ceiling vote.  He has also been active at the Republican Study Committee, promoting conservative solutions on an array of issues.  He has also firmly rejected any tax increase as part of a phony ‘grand bargain.’

His opponent, Congressman Charles Boustany, would be considered a moderate Republican even from the northeast, let alone the Deep South.  He voted for the debt ceiling, TARP, Cash for Clunkers, and has refused to join the Republican Study Committee.

Additionally, there are two things that are particularly disconcerting about Boustany’s record.  He is one of the only pro-Palestinian members of the entire Republican Party, and is the only Republican who has received the endorsement of the radical J-Street lobby group in past elections.  Also, he has expressed the need for “flexibility” in adhering to the Tax Pledge.  This is very concerning for a member of the Ways and Means Committee.

Amazingly, despite his own willingness to raise taxes, Boustany had the impertinence to employ a Democrat tax demagoguery tactic on Landry.  He has accused him of being a tax-hiker for supporting the Fair Tax.  Conservatives can have an honest disagreement over the perspicacity of the Fair Tax vs. the Flat Tax, but to suggest that supporters of the Fair Tax are tax-hikers is dishonest.

Seriously folks, is this the best we can do from a conservative southern district?  Jeff Landry is the no-brainer choice.  We don’t need to elect a Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from such a red state.  The loss of one district through reapportionment should serve as a clean way for Louisiana to get rid of the most pro-Palestinian “Republican” in Congress.  Let’s choose wisely with Jeff Landry.