Gallup Validates Conservative Concerns About Jobs Report

Sunday, October 7th, 2012 and is filed under Economy, News

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Some liberals think that we are purveyors of conspiracy theories for thinking that the Household Survey which shows 873,000 new jobs in one month is bogus.  Well, count Gallup among those conspiracy nuts:

A quick comparison of the government’s seasonally adjusted and unadjusted employment data seems hard to reconcile with the weak economy. For example, the government shows the number of employed workers increasing by 775,000 in September from August on an unadjusted basis. This surge in hiring seems surprisingly large given the current economy, not to mention the even larger adjusted increase of 873,000. Similarly, the number of unemployed declined by 954,000 in September on an unadjusted basis. This is reduced to a smaller adjusted decline of 456,000 — but both numbers are also surprisingly large.