Claire McCaskill’s Folly

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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Claire McCaskill has spent the better part of her tenure in the Senate brandishing her credentials as a crusader against earmarks.  She is now using that as a competitive advantage over Todd Akin who supports defense earmarks.

To be clear, when we endorsed Todd Akin, we unabashedly stated our opposition to his position on earmarks.  However, it is important to understand what is so offensive about the practice of earmarking.

Earmarking in itself is not such a deleterious practice.  After all, earmarks represent a drop in the bucket relative to the major big government programs in the federal budget.  The problem with earmarking is that the practice is used to buy off the votes of members – even conservative members – to support expansion of government.  That is why we implore even supporters of small government to oppose earmarking.

However, at the same time, it is important to note that opposition to earmarking while simultaneously supporting socialist programs is no virtue.  Earmarks are the gateway drug to expanding harmful government programs.  McCaskill might be one of the few Democrats who refuse to take the drug; however, she has shown that she doesn’t need the drug in order to become hooked on the cycle of government.

What is the cycle of government again?  Liberal politicians intervene in the private economy to drive up the cost of living, create dependency for those who are harmed by those policies, and benefit their rich friends through the means of their policy solutions.

As it turns out, Claire McCaskill and her husband exemplify the cycle of growing government and dependency for personal gain.  AP News found that McCaskill’s husband benefited from $40 million in government-subsidized rent for his properties:

The AP reviewed five years’ worth of federal personal financial disclosure statements filed by McCaskill, which list more than 300 “affordable housing” businesses in which her husband, Joseph Shepard, had at least a partial ownership during the time she has been in office. At least one-third of those businesses also appear to be listed as recipients of federal payments in an online government database that tracks spending.

The firms affiliated with Shepard appear to have received about $39 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Housing Service or the Department of Housing and Urban Development between 2007 — when McCaskill took office — and the end of 2011. According to McCaskill’s financial reports, Shepard earned an income of between about $400,000 and $2.6 million from those businesses in the years in which they received government payments. Some of those businesses also rent non-subsidized housing units.


As you can see, McCaskill doesn’t need earmarks to support socialism and benefit from it.  She’s doing just fine without earmarks.  She has long supported government distortions in housing and unlimited subsidies for rent.

Claire McCaskill is incorrigibly hooked on the corrupting drugs of government dependency and crony capitalism with or without earmarks.

Meanwhile, McCaskill is grotesquely exploiting rape victims in order to deflect attention and insinuate that Todd Akin is pro-rape.  Never mind the fact that McCaskill voted against denying coverage for taxpayer-funded Viagra to convicted rapists and child molesters. What a pathetic excuse for a senator.